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    [rspg][pp]Level 65 Pure 1 def- No black marks against this account - Membership expires 28th of april - Desert treasure done - Monkey Madness done - All quests for addy gloves except rfd + big chompy Looking for rsgp, but will take paypal I WILL NOT GO FIRST, MM/OMM will be used if necessary, your paying fees A/W = 60mSeling a boss main {rsgp} :Dwell im selling my main he dosent have that much money he probably has about 2m in stuff in the bank. a love you ton of quests done, some void and fighter torso. Great account. im selling it for rsgp offer on how much, and i wont be going first. unless your trusted. my is [email protected] oh and i almost forgot its cb lvl is 131[PP/RSGP] Buying Zerker/Turm PureHi, I'm looking for a close to max turmoil pure or zerker. All quests must be done. I would prefer stats such as these: Attack: 60, or 80, with 80+ dung Strength: 90+ Defense: 30, 40, 45 Range:90+ Pray: 95 Mage: 94+ I have over 300M RSGP, and can also offer paypal. I will not go first. The seller will go first, and I will attempt a recovery test. I have been a member on this site since 2007, with trades totalling in the thousands, and 30+ vouches. I am looking for a legit seller and want a hassle free trade. I will go first to an official MM or staff member. My most recent vouches can be found here; sythe/showthread.php?t=996263 Thanks for looking and I look forward to seeing your accounts. Please post them here or PM me.[RSGP][PayPal] PERFECT 82 CB Vesta+Statius staker 79-57-79Hello Sythe I will be quitting RuneScape and selling everything RS related I own in the next couple of days. I will start with this perfect Vesta staker which is what I used to get all the wealth I currently own and everything I have sold, I do not have a log of how much I have won on this account since I've been selling all the while I've been staking. This account has easily made more than 2 billion GP. The account is 82CB, it can change the name right now and on it are degradables which will be on it when it is sold. (It has a basic name that is very helpful for staking right now, but it's well known at it's combat level.) It's a full Statius armor set, the l have only been used for about 10 stakes (so 50-70 stakes left), one of the degraded helm+plate was a failure on my part organizing the fresh Statius where I usually keep the degraded Statius in my inventory. So there are at least 50-70 more stakes left with a full armor (80+ helm and plate) The Vesta's longsword is not corrupt and has been used for about 15-20 stakes, this means it has anywhere from 40-50 stakes left in full gear(if you don't do food fights which are >1 minute) The Statius' warhammer is not corrupt and has probably been used for 40-50 stakes, you should only use it for no spec w/ armor stakes, do NOT use its special attack. This puts the wealth which stays on the account to at least 54M in degradables. The account will be sold with a information package about my IP (it's static and has remained the same), creation date, first password, passwords, everything that has been used to make it a member, recoveries and you will get the e-mail that's registered on it (you will own the e-mail). For those of you not interested in reading the accurate information about this extreme staker here is the TL;DR version: 54M in degradables which you get 30M starting bid for the account Membership til 19.4.2010 85M Starting bid (Or $80 dollars on PayPal if you have verified bank funded). A/W is 175M or $160 from PayPal Bank funded. Do NOT add me with spoof e-mails of reputable members, after 4 solid weeks of cracking names like "lIlIIlI0O0O0" in 2 seconds you really think you can fool me? Here are is my vouch thread although it doesn't have someone who bought 2 60 range twins for 20M off me.Selling Muted Account Cheap (rsgp)hey all im selling my old main.. its nothing special because it got permanently muted the other day and i made a new account so here are all the skills>>[RSGP][STAKER] Selling Level 86 Staker (80-70-76-77-1-1) [STAKER][RSGP]i/cblevel.png/ Stats: Appeals/Offences: If You do not Wish to Visit the Links I Will post the Stats + Extra Information here, Stats: Attack: 80 Strength: 70 Defence: 76 Hitpoints: 77 Ranged: 63 Magic: 50 Summoning: 1 Prayer: 1 Combat Level: 87 Appeals/Offences: 0 Black Marks Recieved in its Runescape Career, Payment Method: -RSGP Only Rules: -You Will be going First or Using an OMM/MM (ON YOUR Fees) -You Do Note Flame/Spam this Thread Starting Bid: 5M RSGP Current Offer + Sythe Username: 14M From JoeKys Autowin: NOT YET SET *I AM IN NO RUSH TO SELL THE ACCOUNT, WILL BE WAITING FOR OFFERS THAT I LIKE * -Happy BiddingLvl 98|30 Def|95 prayer/Turmoil|1725+ Tottal lvl| 40m+Recently i have just been getting bored of rs more and more eatch day... So i'm just gona make a prayer skiller with a friend for the lols. My friend told me about black marketing sites and how i can sell and trade RS accounts/items so i might as well try it. Going to be selling this epic account for RSGP/ Maybe PP/WU. PM me or post here with offers, or add my : [email protected] Will be useing MM/OMM as mostlikely no one is gona go first to me.[RSGP] Selling lvl 81 range tank 90 rangeHey guys im selling my lvl 81 range tank who has Attack:50 Strength:69 defence:43 prayer:52 Range:90 Mage:84 Constituion:80 Quests: Desert treasure, and all of the quests for a hand cannon You make the offer for how much gp, i was thinking about 10m sadly this guy hasd recoveries and a registered email, but u cannot remove these anymore. i am new to sythe and i dont know how to put up pictures so yea post on here or pm me in game my name is: boHod
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