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    [PayPal]Level 64 Ranger[PayPal]$20Im selling a great level 64 ranger. This accounts perks are having 74 str, 80 ranged, 44 prayer, 60 mage, 73 HP and 70 fletching. It has the quest desert treasure started but not finished. This account has the ghost robes. There are also the book for zammorok and guthix, but there are no pages in them. This account also has a decent amount of wealth, the items are in the picture, the items total up to a nice 2.1m. There is no email registration, no recovery questions, and i can provide the first 3 passwords. I would like to use a middle man during this trade to make sure it goes smooth, we will use one we can both agree on using. This is a great buy, and the price for this account is only $20. I Only Use PayPal, please dont offer anything else. If your interested, please message me on messenger, my email is [email protected][PAYPAL] 66 CB | 99 WC | 2.5m Wealth | 80 Fish | 71 Range | Decent PKER!A/W: Not set Starting bid: Not set Hey, I'm selling my RS account, It has 99 WC 2.5m wealth Here are pictures: Blackmarks Combat Level Membership Quests Stats Wealth PM me if you're interested. I will not be going first, no matter what we will be using an MM If you even try to rush this trade, or try to avoid using an MM, you will be permanently blocked - thanks.[RSGP] Selling Lv. 71 armor staker!I was originally going to use this account for myself, but with low funds and a main to dungeoneer 24/7 with, I feel it's useless. My main can stake pretty well itself so yeah. Anyways, here are the pictures. As said in the title, RSGP ONLY! I also will not be going first. Despite my lack of posts, I've already have far too many scam attempts, so you can go first. Use an MM if you really want to. With the purchase of the account, I'll be sure the registered email will be changed to whatever you like. Make your offers now. My is [email protected] I'd MUCH prefer to talk this over if you're interested. Otherwise, leave a post below. If you REALLY want it to be 70 ranged, I can do that, provided you're buying it and making an offer I like. The combat I'm pretty sure will be the same.Account Sale|99hunt acc|Maxed boxer|Perfect Inipure|RSGP|WU|ATTENTION:I will now accept PAYPAL as well. Rules: - Please do not spam. - I will not go first. - I will use a middle man. - Please post offer + . - Please ask for a pm before the trade. Account 1: - Perfect ini pure. - Fully quested. - 50 days+ mems. - Starting bid: 25m or 25$ via WU. - A/W:Unsure. Account 2: - Maxed boxer. - Won over 2b total. - Has rune gloves + veng. - Starting bid 15m or 15$ via wu -A/W: Unsure Account 3: - 99 Hunter. - 94 mage veng + dt done. - Great starter main/ money maker.[PayPal] Selling LevelS/B: $5 A/W: $20 No Swaps No Swaps No Swaps No Swaps No RSGP No RSGP No RSGP No RSGP PayPal Only PayPal Only Forgot to post quest pics, it has 78 qps. Dragon Slayer, MM, DT Reqs. FULLY QUESTED DEFENCE!Selling level 69, 99 CONSTRUCTION 92 MINING!Hello sythe selling my skiller here. Has got 99 construstion and 92 mining! Taking PayPal/RSGP for the account! Post your offer below. Add me on , make sure you post first or i won't Accept you. I know i'm not trust so i'll go first to trusted people if not you first or OMM will be used! Thankyou!Buying F2P pureRequirements: 40 Attack, No higher! 90+ Str 85+ mage 80+ range 1-31 pray I will pay how ever much the account is worth, or I can swap a quested P2P pure Post AwaySelling 1def pure.. Combat 60 !!!! [RSGP] [PP]Selling my 1def pure.. It has 73str 60att and 70 range.. Got also 76woodcutting Recoveries and e-mail are set but will be removed OMM will be used, if ya cover fees.. RSGP or Paypal send as gift.. Don't try to scam me... There is like nothing in the bank, 20k or something like that... :/ Feel free to add me : [email protected]
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