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    Buying High Range and Mage pure acc. Between 65-70 cb. Only trusted.Title pretty much explains it. I want an account with high mage and range between the combat levels of 65-70. I'm only buying from trusted people. Just about 99% of you people scam. Im done with it. RSGP or PAYPAL.Swapping Beast Med Level Account For Staker!Looking to swap this med level account: sythe/showthread.php?t=1051949 for a staker with some rsgp on it! it needs to have pretty good stats, but i will accept low level stakers! (as long as they have rsgp on them) Going first most of the time. POST HERE IF INTERESTED[BUYING] Want to buy: 99 Mage with low attack and str.As the title says.... I'm looking for an account with a 99 magic level, and preferably a low attack level, and a low strength level. I can pay through paypal, as well as do an account swap for either a level 94 with 99 hunter and 94 mage (and other good combat skills), or for a level 105 with pretty damn good combat skills, including 93 strength. So if anyone has any, let me know. Also, unless I believe that you are trusted enough, I will NOT go first, as I have been scammed too many times, with no justice served.Selling 98 Zerker/ 99 str 99 range (RSGP)Hello im here just to see how much i can get off my zerker. If the price is right ill thinking about selling it. The account is nearly perfect and a great pker. Recoveries will be removed if i find a buyer. Please post your bids here first and then add my . The account is 98 cb F2P 104 P2P [email protected] Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with 1M/2M startin zerker 69combat (rsgp)hey, im selling this starting zerker it's 69combat and got 53att 66str 46def 60hitpoints contact me on : [email protected] I'm official owner of account i remove e-mail when we traded here some pictures:60 att 91 str 1 def mith glovesHi, I'm selling a nice d scim pure. Reason for sale is because I am going to be playing on my main from now on. Account has DT, MM, and up to mith gloves. Needs 2 cooking levels for addy, lolz. I will delete the recoveries and email once i have a LEGIT buyer. I accept paypal and/or rsgp. AW=40$ or 40M RSGP. Add me on .. [email protected] lvl 91+8 init pure Def fully quested rune gloves,Overloads,korasiyeah selling my init pure cuz one of my friends who knew my info went emo and stole my fricken items and lost my fire cape and died with my untradables. but the acc is still nice but i cba to rebuild il jsut work on my baby pure. anyways the acc can make overloads, has korasi quest done, almost done with slayer helm, fully quested defence, and rune gloves. [=swiftkit][/ pretty pissed right now. trying to sell this fast so i can work on my baby pure. offer rsgp and i accept paypal. A/W=100m [email protected] maxed melee with turmoil for nice pure !!SELLING THIS NICE MAXED MELEE MAIN WITH TURMOIL FOR A MED LEVEL PURE DT AND MM MUST BE DONE POST BEFORE ADDING ME
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