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    [RSGP] Selling beast zerker!Yo guys, Selling this zerker for 35m RSGP, Taking no accounts or paypal or what ever, just RSGP. Stats, and yeah thats a Staff of light on the floor, so comes with 2.5m Dragon gloves, lunars and 170qp, So close to barrows. No recoverys etc. Quote: Originally Posted by Louis :) Vouch for Ahrim-Ownz, sold me an account, he went first, a+++++++++ seller Market mod, Official MM, Runescape Mod, Donator vouch. More in profile.[pp/rsgp/swap]insane Pure - 99 Range - 99 Mage - 99 Mining - 90 Strength ( 1 2) - [email protected] Current Offer : 35m Auto Win : 80m Stats: SCAMMERS GTFO. No 50/50 bullshit, or anyone going first. Straight up trusted MM or OMM. Looking for: Paypal RSGP PURE SWAPS - [email protected][90AGILITY][1DEF][RSGP]Selling level 71 Pure [Adamant Gloves][Most pure quests done]Before looking at the TWC, look at my vouches: sythe/showthread.php?t=878882 A/W: 50M Starting bid: 10M [email protected] 60 attack/ 60 defence "dragon pure" via PAYPAL/RSGPHi, im selling a main account "dragon pure" that has 60 attack, 60 defence, 65 strength and 43 pray. I am looking for about 10 dollars via paypal. prices are negotiable. I just wanna sell this thing. Email me at [email protected] if you have an offer[PayPal] Buying Pure or Initiate Pure [PayPal]Spending limit = $40 Post away.[RSGP] Selling a BEAST Level 69 Dragon Claw Pure With 86 StrengthSold.Zerker [ lvl 96 ] fire cape, dragon defenderHas no recoveries. I will take whatever Precautions necessary in order to have a clean , smooth trade. If you are intrested please Pm me your or just post it here Uploaded with ImageShack.us99str Dclawer For Sale 2x 99's [RSGP][PP]Hey guys i have my dclawer for sale. No recovs or email just place your bids with your and i will add you a/w: 90m
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.