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    Selling Level 78, 1 prayer staker for RSGPSOLD Hey guys I only just registered up my account, just to make it clear im not intending to scam in any way im just trying to start up my new account and I have literally no gold on any account of mine :/ This was a little project that failed after I got cleaned (i always get cleaned) Notable Stats: 70 Attack 70 Strength 60 Defence 70 Ranged 1 Prayer 47 Mage 70 Constitution Notable Quests: Death Plateau Dwarf Cannon Fremmy Trials Horror From The Deep Lost City Monkey Madness There is no E-mail registered to it, No recovery questions set and it is currently a non member. I havent provided a print screen of this because theres no proof that the screenshot would be legit. This account has a full Zammy Book (back when pages were like 250k) 4 Dragon Defenders (I had some members a couple months back) There are no offences on the account at all This account has no friends! so you can put PM to on and not expect messages from people you dont know. As I said this was a little side project a few years back The account name is a combination of M's and N's, its a little confusing at first but you'll get used to it very quickly, the current name is a 3 letter name that doesnt make much sense (its not rare) Will be happy to log on the account to meet (preferable people with a high post count i can trust more) We would use an MM or OMM unless your willing to pay me the gold first, I wouldnt give the password first because if it gets changed and I get scammed then Ive lost the account forever, lol. This account is good because its a great headstart if your looking to make a 1 prayer staker, usually armour on staking, boxing, armour off dds/sol etc etc or range/mage staking but I dont have much experience with that This account is also a great headstart to making a range tank, barrows pure type pker. Hours of time will be saved with this account, will be a nifty little staker after a little bit of training. Now lets talk about price, you tell me what youll pay in RSGP All offers will be considered as long as it is RSGP only.selling pureselling almost maxed 10 def pure "embody" 10 def 95 str 95 hp 99 mage, and rage 70 atk 89 summon also has handcannon and runegloves due to a rollback all pure quest have been done trading for level 60-65 pure with around 25m on itBuying pure. RSGPPost pictures+ price, or link to your thread or leave your and I'll add you. Preferably Quested, also. Trading methods: 1# you go first 2# we use OMM we split fees. I WILL CHOOSE THE OMM. 3# if you're extremely trusted I'll go first. at the time of trade you must; supply all of old info to the account, agreement numbers etc. Allow a recovery check ensure bank pin/email/recovs are all canceled.Selling Almost Maxed PureSelling it because i lost rapier and bank on it and want to get some money to make my low lvl a lil turmoil prod for fun. But yeah it has 82 dungeoneering and solid stats. Also has all pure quests done, Addy gloves, Monkey madness, Desert treasure, and has done Horror From the deep. Has Members up till April 14th. trying to get 120m so i guess the auto is 120m. Feel free to post/offer on here and add my ([email protected]) Thanks. EDIT: WILL SELL FOR 100M .Sellin a good staker! 112cbHi there , i am sellin my staker account 90 att 99 str 80 def 70 range 94 mage 60 pray, 49 summon. look it up on highscores Lebanisepure If ur interested buying add my [email protected] 69 Pro Boxer/stakerRSGP only offers. No autowin. Account has no recovs/email. Never been member. I can supply anywhere upto 250M gp on the account. Post offers here please.selling level 67 with 90 range 44 pray rsgpgood account owns any in 1v1 would be better with smite pm for offersSelling Sexy LvL 75 Barrager/RangerHello, Im Selling This Great Level 75 Barrage/Ranger! Its Also In A Clan Called "FP" Just Go Into "Fp Chat" Its Ranked. A/W = 35M-50M RSGp PAYPAL = 35-45$ ACCOUNTS = PURES ONLY. (WITH ATLEAST 15M+) : [email protected] WARNING! I WILL NOT ADD YOU! IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME YOU MUST ADD!!!
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