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    spending 10m on a zerker.reqs: 40-45 def d slayer done mm done dt done can have any size bank im not fussed even if its cleaned.Lvl 63 - Pro pker. DEALI am trying to sell this account because I have recently recovered one of my other accounts that I like more. Im looking for the buyer to go first and im looking for runescape gold for the account. Please offer your ammount of GP. The accounts name is currently JTlistracid. (Used to be 100-PROOF) Email me at [email protected] talk to me on sythe or text/call 215 896 4420. thanksSelling a Range Pure { PayPal }Selling this lvl 73 range pure for $9 .I will not be accepting swaps, pins or rsgp, I will not be going first at any time, Here are my vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=953044 if you are interested contact me at [email protected] here are the pics enjoy. Uploaded with ImageShack.usBadass Box Staker!! Pp/rsgpTITLE SAYS IT ALL... ITS 70ATTK 70STR 80DEF 74hp 84cb. everything else is 1 ITS AN AMAZING STAKER IVE WON OVER 156M ON THE ACCOUNT SO FAR.. IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY WEALTH ATM.. LOOKING FOR RSGP/PAYPAL ONLY - [email protected] WE USE VMM OR YOU GO FIRST. THX.(RSGP) Want to buy Hybrid 1 def1 def is really the only requirement although quested would be great Post here. I'll be gone for the dayPro 60 att pure!Hello guys! I am selling a level 74 pro PK'ing account with only 3 defence (which doesn't change the accounts combat level) Why should i pick you? You're new! Ofcourse you will be skeptical but i joined sythe to sell my accounts and my gold! As gold was easier to sell (People recover accounts) I sold all my gold! So far i have got $115 from selling all my RSgold! So i am selling it for a much less price and i'm willing to go first if you're trusted. I will also use a MM. What is on the account? You can see, i have 60 attack, 88 strength, 52 prayer, 3 defence, 33 ranged, 34 magic, 78 hitpoints, 71 fishing and 88 woodcutting... And it still has some membership left so the sooner you buy, the longer you can enjoy free memebership .: I take RSgold or paypal ONLY. There are NO recoveries, NO e-mail is attatched to it. I will tell you all password associated with the account. Either you go first, or we get an OMM to help us (YOU pay for the OMM, not me!) If you have enough vouches i may consider going first, if you have a fair few vouches, i would consider going 50/50 (you pay 50%, i give details, you pay the rest) please either post here or PM me! THANKS! I'm completely open to ANY questions you might have! THANKS! Alternatively, you can add [email protected] but i would rather you posted here or PM'd as i'm hardly ever online my . Leave you offers here! - Coral.[RSGP/PAYPAL] Selling lvl 64 ranger pure 80 fishing DT DONE! 82 mage [MUST LOOK]HI im selling my pure for rsgp paypal, i dont take swaps, i will not go first unless you are trusted 50+ vouches. add my [email protected] do not add me post b4 adding me. DT is done so is all the quest pures need. Last time i botted was 7 months ago. This account still has a dark bow. it ran out of membership.[RSGP] Great start staker with 90 mining [RSGP]I have all info for this account so an OMM and recovery test can be used if you pay the fees. Starting bid: 10m NO Autowin! I will take the first offer which I want to accept. : [email protected]
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