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    [RSGP] Buying Pure !Close please i got one . :)[RSGP] 77 Pure, 98 str 60 atk 1 def 52 pray 85 mageHello i am selling my pure for rsgp. Starting bid at 10m, A/W Would be 60m. If you could post on the thread or msg me on here, Or add me on [email protected] This account is excellent d clawer. I Pref rsgp as i am playing another 2 alts and i do not have time or wish to play this anymore as not enjoyable. MM done, and steel gloves. I also understand I am only a newcomer so i will be up for using an offical sythe OMM.HandCannon Pure 99 Range/6 99's Total!/Slayer Helm/Rune Gloves!I'm Selling my pure that ive been working on for 7 months now. It has been botted but hasn't been botted in 3 Months. I want to start working on my level 3 which i am making 99 defence so i can stake. Notable Stats: 99 Fishing 99 Smithing 99 Magic 99 Cooking 99 Range 92 Theive 99 Firemaking I Will Clean The Bank!! : [email protected] Starting Bid : 40Mil Rsgp Did i use enough color l0l?60 Atk 99 Str 99 Range 20 Def Pker!!!SELLING OWNAGE INITIATE PURE!!! STARTING BID: 10$ OR 10M A/W: 60$ OR 60M TRADING METHODS: #1. WILL GO 1ST TO HIGHLY TRUSTED SYTHE MEMBERS #2. USING OMM #3. 50.50 (DEPENDS) #4. YOU 1ST IF INTERESTED ADD MY [email protected] maxed Initiate godsword pure! 99 str 99 mage 87 rangeI am selling this account because personally i enjoy 60 attack pure more and I already have a maxed main to stake on so I have no more use for this account. This account is fully quested and has everything done an initiate pure needs completed such as rune gloves, desert treasures, recruitment drive, and animals magnetism. log in screen: Stats: Black marks: If you are interested please leave your offer with your below If you wish to talk add me on : [email protected] Starting bid: 15m Current highest bid: 20m Auto win: 65m I AM NOT ACCEPTING ACCOUNT SWAPS I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU ARE VERY TRUSTED STATUS: ONLINEsell 96 fish acc 4mwill go first if your trusted. starter main with 96 fishing, and shark gloves , no bank. add [email protected] account sales!! RSGP ONLY.Hello, i'm here to sell some of my accounts. I only take rsgp. I take offers, but dont be stupid. I dont go first. i have vouches to proove i'm trusted. if you really can't trust me i have no problem with you paying for an OMM to do any trade. acc 1. starter main with 96 fishing, and shark gloves , no bank. account two, zerker pure. quested. no barrows gloves only rune. bank = dead.Spending 15m - 20m on a accHello guys if you have a 1def/zerk/initiate pure let me know i would like to buy
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