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    [RSGP]Selling Near Maxed lvl 91+4 60 Att Zerk! FCape, RDef, BGloves, 1680+ Tot[RSGP]I am selling my 60 att zerker. The account is nearly maxed, and comes with a multispaced name (8 spaces) which can no longer be made by either the display name or username. The reason I am selling this account is because I have recently been scammed out of a lvl 134 with a 70m bank, and 55m by a "legit dung trainer." With this money, I will be attempting to buy a lvl 135+ The defence was quested. : [email protected] I will not go first, been scammed to many times. You first or MM. I am selling it for RSGP. Any legit offer over 50m will be considered. You don't have to be trusted to buy my account but I will go first to no one. A legit MM (such as n4n0) or an OMM will be used (your expense).Selling 94 CL - Good Stats - No Recovs/Email - ScreeniesHey this is my alt account and im willing to sell it. Pop me some offers here / pm or my email: [email protected] ( THIS IS NOT ) : [email protected] I will only go first for very trusted members (Or you pay for OMM)and i will accept payment in: RSGP and Possible PayPal depending on offer. Screenies:[RSGP]Selling lvl 85[RSGP]Hey guys, Hellmiracle here, some of you might know me from my firecaping services. Anyways recently my pure got hacked for 100m and 40 defence, so im looking to sell it to try and compensate for my losses. Although the defence isnt quested, with all zerk quests done it will be 48 defence, or you can make it into a barrows/main. Has decent stats, 71 dung with a bit of tokens still, dt done, addy gloves, mm lost city, all pure quests really. Also has a decent login name, if you want to know what it is ask me on . I will not go first to anyone with less than 30 vouches. Start Bid: 10m A/W: 50m Post offers here, If you want to know what the name of the acc is contact me at [email protected] Pics ------[CHEAP ACCOUNTS SALE] (RSGP or PAYPAL!)OK so here I'm selling some of mine old accounts. I'm selling for RSGP or paypal credit. If you interested in one or mabie more of them cantact me using : [email protected] here are mine accounts with stats: "zdoxni suka" 65cmb "petterson 13" 97cmb "Dont follovv" 79cmb "isoo" 81 cmb zerker pure "grimr3p0" 108cmbAlmost maxed level 90 ini pure. 99 str, 99 magic, 87 rangeThis account has all the quests a initiate pure needs done. It has rune gloves, dt finished, initiate armor, accumulator. If you are interested in buying this account please add my so we can talk : [email protected] I will be using a middle man unless you go first. I WILL NOT GO FIRST. a/w:80mil[RSGP] 60 attack 81 strength 1prayer/defense + D CLAWS!! Must see!! P2P!!Stats: Bank: Blackmarks: Login: More Info: The account has only been member since Feb. 19th. I did not use a pin/CC etc. It was bought as an upgrade from this thread: sythe/showthread.php?p=8060715#post8060715 as you can see in the login pic the membership expires march 19th. The account has never had recoveries/email registered in my possession. When I got the account there were no email/recovs/membership. I will not be going first under any circumstances. Look through my post history and you'll find multiple trades dating back to 2007. I've been here for almost 4 years, never scammed despite being scammed. I will only go first to staff (admin, mods etc.). OMM can be used at your expense (Fees, finding one etc.). Trusted MM's will not be used unless they are applying for OMM etc. my is: [email protected] Thanks guys.[RSGP] Selling Three Accounts ! Look ! ALL AMAZING:) [RSGP]Ok, first off I know I am a newcomer, but that doesn't mean I'm a noob and all that junk. I don't play games, so don't even come here attempting to scam me. It won't work. The accounts have both NO recoveries, nor e-mails. I have the information needed to trade. Account One - Account Two - Now, Account Three (NOT REALLY LOOKING TO SELL, BUT IF THE OFFER IS GOOD ENOUGH, I'LL CONSIDER IT) I'm in no rush to sell, so feel free to: ADD MY ONLY : [email protected] and bid. Goodluck all[RSGP]Selling 74lwl with WC 94, rng 87, mag 86, str 83!Selling this account for RSGP! All quests for d scimy, Desert treasure done. 70/315 Quest points. : [email protected] : [email protected] : [email protected] P.S. Sorry, i'm not active on sythe forums. Other account selling thread: powerbot/vb/showthrea...922&highlight= Pics: Pics links if someone can't see em:
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