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    ULTIMATE ZEKER PURE, 45Def, FULL VOID MUST SEE!!Hi i am selling my zeker pure Stats are 71 attack 88 strength 45 defense 81 range 41 pray 82 hp 87 hunter ( can make around 1.2mil per hour at puro puro with this level) --------------- I will meet you in the game where you can ask me questions if interested post your acc names here and i will add you.Buying Account 25m Budget.Post Accounts, Buying A Good Pure Got 25m To Spend, Post Up ![PayPal][RSGP]Selling LVL59 Hybrid (84 RANGED 82 MAGIC 1 DEF) [DT done!]Hi, welcome to my thread. I'm selling a lvl 59 hybrid pure. He has Desert Treasure quest completed. There are no recovery questions or recovery e-mail on the account, and ISP of creation and first passwords will be provided with the account. Everything in the bank picture will remain on the account, including the cash. So remember, you are bidding with 22M included! This is a great account for PKing, you can cast Ice Blitz and potted Teleblock. Also it has 84 ranged which really does a ton of damage, and 65 constitution to top it off. This HP is higher than most other people your level, and you can keep hitting them while they eat with this account, as you keep doing 300-400 combos with Dragon Bolts (e). It truly is fun to PK on this account, but RuneScape has lost it's touch for me, hence I'm selling it. I will NOT go first under any circumstances. I sell GP here on Sythe and have vouches, so don't expect me to go first. There are no recovery's etc so I can't do anything if you scam me. Please note: when paying with PayPal, you must send the payment as a gift, and in 10$ increments. This is to avoid chargebacks after I have given you the account login details. The trade will go like this: 1) I give you the username 2) You pay me through PayPal or RuneScape 3) I give you the password 4) We vouch for eachother here on Sythe I take PayPal and RS GP for the account. Pictures: If you are interested please add my : [email protected] VERY PLAIN ACC, but has a and simple, has no gear on it. Next to nothing at all. But has, you can do what you want with the account. Got no idea on estimate price. But eh.[PP/RSGP] Selling Level 100 STAKER, 90-82-92-89 1 PRAYER! [PP/RSGP]--------------Selling lvl 79 CharacterNo recovs/email etc. Quite useful staker. I will go first if needed or you can supply a MM add me on : [email protected] Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with bidding starts at 1m buy it now 10m.[Cheap] Real cheap level 90 berserker [RSPG]Hello my name is ipray. i've posted this account on the site before, i wanted 12.5m for it. but because i've sold my main for 12m and another account for 1m i only need 4mfor this account, wich i think i really really cheap. messenger : [email protected][SWAP] Buying range staker!! [SWAP]Hey guys, i'm doing an awesome swap today! what i'm swapping is this awesome main with nearly 4 99s and 1620 total level! you can check it out Here!---> sythe/showthread.php?t=1060277 So all serious traders, feel free to add my and we can talk from there!
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