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    Level 60 | 80 Range 74 Strength :]Payment method is: Runescape Gold. A/w 20m. [email protected][Paypal] Level 85 Account For Sale [Paypal]Hi, I'm currently selling my level 85 Account has 39M Total Wealth & Great Potential. Gr8 Potential For The account. I aint going to be playing runescape, So The Gold comes with the account. Pictures: ` ` ` ` ` Offers below or on . add me on . [email protected] Thanks.10 Prayer, 1 Defense, DT done, 97 hunter, 92 magic!Account sold! Quote: Originally Posted by DeathAdder3530 sold the account to crabthecrabstah, trade went very smooth, he went first, we did 50 - 50. Sold him the account for 40m. Quote: Originally Posted by crabthecrabsta Vouch for DeathAdder3530 sold me his pure tyvm a+ nice guy[rsgp]B-Murphs Account Pure/Main/Boxers Shop [rsgp]I have a bunch of accounts for sale. I don't play on any of them and I need some more money on my new obby mauler so I decided to sell. Please add my [email protected] to make offers. Account 1: Account 2: Account 3:robi69's ACCOUNT SHOP: STAKERS, TANKERS, PERFECT PURES[TRUSTD]Hello! This is my account shop. If You're interested of buying any, then please add me in : [email protected] Also, please reply with your in here: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. : [email protected] | 99 Prayer | 99 Construction | 99 Fletching 100M House. RSGP/MAILThis was my pure in progress, but now I have lost interest in the game and could care less. It has decent all around skills and some nice capes. Both 99 construction and 99 prayer cost me a love you load of money and time, so please don't waste my time with shitty offers. I'm only taking RSGP or cash via Mail. I have all the information and will give it to you. I have a few membership details as well, gotta check my folders. I can guarantee that you'll be able to recover with the information. I won't take the recoveries off until I'm sure that there will be a transaction. Don't wanna love you with jagex by recovering it a million times. There is 15M on the account, I might or might not choose to keep it on there, it depends on what kind of offer you give me. We are going by the price that RSGP is 1.00$/M. Before adding my , PM me and post on my thread. We will be using an omm if you choose to use a mm. You will pay for all the fees. I also spent a significant amount of money building my house, so take that into consideration. Here are the pictures. Combat Level: Bank One: Bank Two: Quests One: Quests Two: Skills: House: There is about 20 days of membership on the account. : [email protected] Remember to drop me a PM and to post on the thread before adding me. Don't offer anything but cash and RSGP. If you offer anything else, I'll report you for spam. Also, please don't make shitty offers. Current bid starts at 300M/300$.Selling STAKER, ATT 99, STR 99, DEF 99, PRAYER 1, SUMMONING 1, COMBAT 113Hello! I am selling this Runescape 2 account, because I am quting Runescape. Please add me in and let's discuss in . Please reply and leave Your to my thread. My : [email protected] 1. My : [email protected][$100 DONOR][30+ vouches]Selling perfect 87 cb boxer[RSGP]Looking for a quick trade, you go first or we can use an OMM I don't mind, you'll have to pay fees. I want 15m, or an upgrade that's all nothing else, no offers. [email protected] or post here. Thanks I can verify in game, it has no recoverys or registration either. Thanks, Pigbow.
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