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    Selling Good 71Cb Dragon Claws Pure[RSGP/Paypal]Hi there! Im Fugiboy and im selling one of my Accounts! Its a GOOD claw Pure! 60 Attack!95 Strength!25 pray for protect item!71 combat! 3 Week membership left?!?! Will Take RSGP or Paypal!Maybe a swap if its a good account to swap.ONLY OFFERS OVER $17! WILL ONLY USE A VERIFIED !IF NOT THEN YOU WILL GO FIRST.user/mc_chillen my [email protected] im online now so add me and we can chat about it[RSGP]selling lvl 73 BEAST STAKER 1 pray 1 def 60 atk 95 str 93 hp!![RSGP]The time has finally come, after making 1.1b off this account im deciding to sell it because I do not want to continue staking and im planning to play on my main I've already cleaned the account so it has nothing , email will be deleted once I find Legit buyer. Rules: I will not go first unless you have 20 + vouches in 500$ of trading or more ( no training vouches etc.) A/W 125m I will do 50/50 if you have 5 vouches or more + I will use OMM, you pay fee's Scammer please do not post here as you are wasting your time because your not going to get me Stats: login: A few high stakes with this account:[OFFER!]level 64 pure ll 99 magic ll 1100+ total level [OFFER!]Hey guys, i'm selling this account for preferably RSGP or an account with RSGP on it. I'm considering ALL offers though! Please post here or add my : "[email protected]" Any questions? POST![RSGP]selling lvl 73 g mauler 99 str!!! [RSGP]Title says it all Im selling my lvl 73 G mauler I currently came back to staking and I play on my staker account but im selling that too because i play on my main now I dont wanna stake and lose all of my money and I have no use of this account anymore this account also has 40 days of membership left, this account has never had recoveries and it has only had 1 password A/W 50m I will NOT go first Unless you have 20 vouches in 500$ or more ( no training vouches etc..) Willing to use OMM or a Trusted MM 50/50 I will not Accept swaps because I have to many accounts I will not accept Paypal Login: stats:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.