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    Buying Staking Pure [RSGP]Looking to buy an account with 1 prayer, 1 summon and will pay in RSGP. Was just scammed in a 50-50 trade so I would require some sort of to ensure safety for both of us. Add me on [email protected] ACC must be a meleer[RSGP] Initiate Pure, Rune Gloves, DT, MM done! Screenshots ^^^^^^ Looking to sell this for a pretty good amount. This account have DT done, Monkey Madness done, Lost city done, and Recipe for Disaster done up to Rune Gloves! This comes with very little wealth! Post SERIOUS offers here. I'm NOT looking to trade for another account. I have no use for this account since I've grown tired of being a pure and want to go back to my main. Thank you!My 1 def pure for your main?Hello and here for sale/swap is my 65 combat 1 defence f2p hybrid pure, this account has never had recoverys or a email the account has'nt even done barb stronghold 50M rsgp or a main with all round decent stats + barrows gloves.[TANK] 99Range|71Def|82Wc|76Fish|70Mining|95PVP comb[rsgp]I have way too many accounts. This account i forgot about i made this in 05 quit it in 07. Recently got on it and cleaned the bank out and i dont feel like playing on it. Its an amazing pker/staker, but when im pking on it i never die and makes it boring so im not keeping it i like zerkers better =p. Post your offers. RSGP only or add me on for more pics and info. i am the original owner. I will provide all info. My - [email protected] If you add me and im not online pm me ur . My has been acting odd lately.Spending 25M on a pure.Hey, i'm here buying a pure for 25M rsgp. Here are some of my requirements. *Needs #Doesn't need but wanted *50-70 Attack *80+ Strength *80+ Range *80+ Mage *1-20 Defence (I'm really looking for an iniate pure.) #RFD gloves #DT done #A money making skill Thanks, my is [email protected] and honestly if your here to scam, don't bother a MM will be used and a full recovery test will be done. Cheers.The Best Range 2her/Staker On Sythe! 99 Str|94 Range|85 Mage|1 Pray|21m+ [PP/GP]Hey Sythe, I'm selling my increidble Range 2her/Range Staker, for money to go to DECA nationals. (If any of you guys are going shoot me a PM!) Any way you look at it this account is a great purchase for all likings, for the money driven individual you can stake, for the person who likes merking idiots P2P this account is great (use the Corrupt Stat. Warhammer) or for someone who doesn't want to pay $5/month PK F2P! The account is fully geared with everything needed to start pking/staking right after purchasing. (Gear, food, pots, everything) No swaps will be accepted, don't bother posting. A/W: $150 PayPal or 175mBuying any pure with 94 mage+/ DT must be DoneHi, Im looking to buy a pure with 94 mage+, DT done, and lower than 3 def. Im willing to go first if you are trusted. Here are the req. I maybe willing to take accs that dont exactly follow them. 60-70 atk 75 str(or higher) 70 range(or higher) 1-3 def 52 prayer or less no higher! 94-99 mage Dt done Animal Magnetism done Horror from deep done, MM done, Also interested if has firecape. Wealth-doesnt have to have but if it does its better. Looking for acc. ready to pk! Would like ghostly robe sets Feel free to post or PM me, have stats and what you want for the acc.~Selling 64 Combat Pure/Skiller! 4 99's!~making a new thread, too much garbage love you..
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