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    [Paypal] Buying range Pure [Paypal]I am buying a range pure with 95+ range + any other stats perfer 94 CB or lower. We can/Will use a OMM and a recovery test must be done. I have a $50 budget, I also have a verified Paypal account. I can also swap a pure if wanted it has 99 Mining 60 Attack 79 Strength 87 Magic 69 HP, 69 CB Please Post your offers here before adding my .[RSGP][SWAP] Buying pure for 2 accounts [SWAP][RSGP]This is both of the accounts, I am looking for a pure, initiate pure, 40 def pure, or zerker, make your offers. AW on the ranger is 50m AW on the barrows account is 15m my email is [email protected] (it looks like its spelled wrong but thats it just copy and paste lol) I would perfer you pm me on here for your offers or post here Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usDragon Claw Pure 1 Def, Read! ( 1 2)Hello! thank's for taking interest in my thread! Okay, first of you probably just want to hear the stats first, so here you go!: ATTACK : 60 STRENGTH : 98 DEFENSE : 1 HP : 88 THIEVING : 87 The reason I want to sell the account is because I want more money on my main for fun things such as TURMOIL and OVLS I would like for you to BID / OFFER for the account But I will be taking a MINIMUM of 30M for the account and we all know that thats nothing for an account like mine. I will meet you in game to prove ownership and the account DOES NOT HAVE RECOVERY'S OR AND EMAIL SET! Lets start shall we lads? Note: I won't be going first under any circumstance sorry.[f2p] 40 attack pure , 88 str [no recoves,email]Has no recoveries. I will take whatever Precautions necessary in order to have a clean , smooth trade. If you are intrested please Pm me your or just post it here Uploaded with ImageShack.usAmazing Boxer ☼ Ton's of Potential ☼ RSGP ONLYOMM will be used, or you first. I ONLY want RSGP. Don't give me bullshit offer's. All the information will be provided. lvl 90 : [email protected] pure (SWAP)I am looking to buy a good pure with both of my accounts. I will also accept rsgp I have a messed up runescape page idk what it is but no matter what it is like that lol, but start your bids please Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with[mem since 07]{paypal}selling tank{paypal}[mem since 07]$15 A/W via PayPal gift There are RECOVERIES Can't remove them because i forgot what they were, you don't have to worry about me recovering. You go first or we get Trusted MM/OMM you pay fee's, must be approved by me if we go down that road. Not looking for much cause im bored with it, wanting to buy some bots so start bidding pl0x. Later, Sire Haxor. PM/Post on this thread due to i'm not on 24/7, you'll only see me on there when i'm doing business. Thanks.selling my lvl 73 g mauler pker 99 str !!Title says it all Im selling my lvl 73 G mauler I have no use of this account anymore this account also has 45 days of membership left, this account has never had recoveries and it has only had 1 password I will NOT go first Unless you have 20 vouches in 500$ or more ( no training vouches etc..) Willing to use OMM or a Trusted MM 50/50 I will not Accept swaps because I have to many accounts I will not accept Paypal RSGP ONLY Login: stats:
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