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    [RSGP/Paypal]Hand Cannon Pure W/ 91 Range|65HP|41 Def|44PrayCombat Level is 76 If an MM is to be used please find a free, though still trusted, MM or you cover the fees... Offer in Paypal or RSGP... I consider 1M=1$ USD Post here, PM me, or contact me on if interested... [email protected][RSGP][PayPal] Beasty 40-Def Pure DT|FireCape|96Range|94MageLock please.[paypal]selling level 62 pure 60 att 75 str 85 range 82 mage 84 hunt nearly 1k totala/w = $30 please post offers =D please enjoy and post legit offers, i do not go first.selling cb 71 pure rsgp only a/w 45mhey everyone, today im selling my pure its a good p2p pker has all god books filled dt done, ava's quest is done , lost city, monkey madness, recipe for disaster isnt done, but has all stats ready for addy gloves, just need to do 2 quests to go right through to addy. im looking for 45m but please post any offers, we will be using a mm at your expense, and doing a recovery test up to u. my is [email protected][rsgp]~~~Im selling this account only because I have a pure and I dont play on this one at all. I also need GP for my pure haha. I made this account myself and trained it myself. Im not looking for too much for it just need to get rid of it quick. He already has full Void and full Zammy Book. He makes great money at Aviansies as well, so money is never really a problem for this account. A/w-30mil STATS Offenses NO RECOVERIES Thank you for at looking and offer away please[RSGP] Level 61 pure ( 1 2)It's not that great of an account but it has 82 mage, would be great pure starter has avas device aswell and steel gloves anyway going to sell for 4m rsgp post if your interestedSelling my zerker,Selling my 102cb zerker, i am new to these forums and very concious about scammers, the only reason i made an account is because runescape is boring me and so is my zerker, and i want to trade it for another account, any type really that i can have fun on , preferbly a staking accoutn with abit of cash, or pure with all quests, done, just any type of fun account, anyway im new to these forums, as you can see , i will also sell this accoutn for rsgp if the offer is good i currently dont know how to upload pictures with stuff painted out ect, but if your interested, add my on , and i can show you screen shots of, quests,days of membership, login, meet you in game, blakc marks, show you bank pictures, i can show you everything you want to know, these are my zerkers stats name: AuS UnIt SoN attack: 77 defence: 45 strength: 99 pray: 52 range: 82 mage: 89 dungoneering: 78 summong: 52 hunter: 96 you can look up the other irrelivant stats 102cb p2p, it has 2 arcane streams, 4 rune defender, and about 500ks junk in the bank plus other stuff anyway if your even remotly interested, post her on add my , for pictures, ect of everything like i said il take an acc or rsgp, i will pretty much take first in best dressed, my is [email protected] post offers here and ur if u like aswell and il contact you i will go first if i can trust you so me or post me in my sythe inboxbuying a pure!Buying any 99 str pure must be between 1-20 def must not be botted spending up to 60$ contact me at [email protected] or post offer below thanks no scammers
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