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    account sale all for $600 great deal!1st account (lvl 102 non mem) 93 str 84 att 70 def 72 range 83 mage 2nd account (lvl 64 pure) 94 str 40 att 70 mage 84 hp 58 mining 3m bank + pking gear 3rd account (lvl 121 x staker) 99str 99att 83 def 96 hp 70 range 95 fishing 91 cooking + 13m bank images at $600 ono accounts need to go i have a apprentiship now and no longer play rs i accept paypal only I DONT GO FIRST for more info add me [email protected]{RSGP}lvl 75 pure, 1 defence{quested}Sold Close PleaseSelling Level 60 Pure Good Stats Dt done Mith gloves Full book!!Opps.[RSGP] Selling my initiate pure [TRUSTED][RSGP]MY INITIATE PURE About the account: - Has no recovs/email - Has no blackmarks. - Dt or mm isnt done. -Payment and Rules- - I am selling this account for rsgp only. - Autowin is 15M . - Im willing to go first if you're trusted. - Post here than add my [email protected] PICTURE :[RSGP] Selling quested out zerker and two quested out pures [RSGP]close.-~- [RSGP] Termss Account Sales *MUST LOOK* [UPDATE!] [RSGP] -~-I am selling 4 accounts for strictly just RSGP, i am no longer doing paypal becuz i cancelled my paypal account. I have no intention going first so if you think your going to convince me to go first then dont bother contacting me, its either you go first, 50/50, or we get a omm. Below are the accounts that i am selling, i will be accepting offers. Here are the accs: First account is my level 79 rune pure with 99 str, A/W is 40m. Here are pics. (SOLD) Second account is my level 135, amazing stats (3 letter name) A/W is 100m. Here are pics. Third account is my amazing level 75 pure. A/W is 80m. Here are pics. Fourth account is my lv94 range tanker. A/W is 30m. Here are pics. Last account is my other amazing level 75 pure. A/W is 60m. Here are pics. If you are interested in any account please contact me on , thanks. : [email protected][RSGP]Great DDS STAKER! 20m+ made off 100k stakes daily![RSGP]Hey guys selling this pro DDS pure, it is perfectly built or DDS Staking, (i will give you a rundown on how to win 90% of the time with account purchase) not a guide just tips on how to stake better! I am looking for bids RSGP ONLY! I am looking to sell this account ASAP! Account recovs/Email are currently: REMOVED! Please post on here AND PM me and i will add YOU on to discuss the trade. if you are trusted member i will go first. if you are not get an OMM (your fee's ofc) or YOU will go first. I have no interest in scamming and i have no time for nonsense. just fast clean trades. the account has NO blackmarks. Pics;[~95 CB]99 Runcrafting[1300+ Total Skill]CB level is about 95ish. Completed Monkey Madness, Monkfish Quest, and a few major others. About 105 Quest Points. Account can have anywhere from 20 mil or lower on the account. You can just pay the account + money on the account. Otherwise, I will just clean the account. We will use an OMM, who pays fees can be discussed later. Right now looking for offers
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