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    (rsgp) sellin Level 89 zerker pure.Hey selling or swapping a level 89 zerker pure. I will only swap for a pure it has no recovs and was made before the email thing. Has only around 100k on it. Make a bid A/W is 10m Add my [email protected] or just talk on sythe. Bid is at - 5m65 Cmb ** 1 DEF RSGP **Hello and here for sale is my 1 defence pure this account has never had recoverys are email i repeat NEVER i havent even done Barb Stronghold due to needing recoverys banks poor only 1 ever previous password with the account also no offences. OMM are you 1st i wont risk loosing a decent pure to a scammer. RSGP Only.Looking for a good pure !1 defence preferably, zerk/stat pures could be fine too though .... looking to spend $10-80 on this. I currently have one vouch from an $85 trade . You will go first or pay for OMM fees.Selling allmost max out zerker turmWE WILL BE USING A MIDDLE MAN!!!! unless u got heaps of vouches its 104+8ish taking irl offer or gp got about 100k dung tokens to.Lvl 50 skiller. Lvl 76 mining. Lvl 67 runecrafting.I may have low post, but i have always gone first in my transactions. You can see my vouches i posted here on my post: sythe/search.php?searchid=6350194 I am looking for SERIOUS BUYERS I want to get rid of my lvl 50 skiller as i no longer play and have moved on to starcraft 2. Because of this, I am looking for a decent offer starting from 10 dollars. Hell i would sell it to someone for 10-15. I have 2.89 mill on the account I will not go first and accept paypal only. my aim is: Soitsritalin or leave a post here, i will contact you if you use . i71.photobucket/albums/i1...g?t=1299743257[RSGP/PayPal] Selling Beserker Potential 60 ATT | 93 STR | DT MM ( 1 2)Hey im selling my beserker potenital with addy gloves ect. Account has basicly no wealth. PayPal or Rsgp a/w : $50/50m rsgp * I will not go first under any circumstance. * MM or OMM can be used, fees paid by you. : [email protected] Uploaded with ImageShack.usselling lvl 74the stats are 84 strength 86 range 81 hp. add me on [email protected] level 94 with Member itemsPirvate message if your intrested.
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