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    SELLING [lvl-60] 99mage with only10HP/99thieve,cook,craft,fire,wood,fletch/BUNNY EARS ( 1 2)Information -Original owner made back in Feb '02 -Bunny ears -99 Magic with 10hp -Many other 99s (see picture) -Has Skill capes for all the 99s -Good name with no numbers or anything stupid -10m GP -Can meet ingame to prove ownership and everything else -All skills trained legitely, i have all info and things. -All serious offers will be considered. -Feel free to ask for any other information. - - [email protected] -Post here before adding me so I know to go on ThanksBuying All Zerk , Tank , Pure [ Paying With Rsgp ]Hi Guys Title Says Almost all I buy All Runescape Account Tank , Pure , Zerk But I dont go frist I got scamed Yesterday For like 200mils by a kid named Extantionx How much Money i have Atm 401mils Why I buy Runescape Account Becauz mine got banned For botting I Want Good Account Offer on Account Depends Stat , Cash on Quest.. My Email : [email protected] MY VOUCH THREAD ! : sythe/showthread.php?p=8290585#post8290585[RSGP] Epic Pure [99 MAGE - RANGE - HUNTER] MUST LOOKFor sale is an epic pure account with 3 x 99 stats. It includes over 20 brawling gloves for you to gain 4x exp in the wilderness. It also has completed all major quests such as lost city / desert treasure / horror from the deep. It is an an awesome barrager aswell as Claw rusher as it has 60 attack and 87 strength. Below are the pictures of the account. Please note : I will remove the Wizard Robes from the account before selling , but everything else including the cash and dark bow will remain. Bank worth is also about 10m but in random stuff , so keep that in mind. Also contains Corrupt Zuriels staff (deg) for Miasmic Spells. Uploaded with THIS IS 87 COMBAT OUTSIDE WILDY AND 79+8 IN WILDY. Please Offer below with RSGP and email address so that I can add you - You will go first or we shall use a VMM with your fees.[PP] Buying maxed pure [PP]Title says it all! I'm buying a pure, offer away! Accepting: -Maxed 1 def -Maxed initiate pure ( at least rune gloves ) -Maxed zerker pure ( barrows gloves required ) Please post with pictures and how much you would be willing to sell it for. Thanks, and GL![RSGP][PAYPAL[SWAPS] ELITE STAKER 100M+ [Rsgp][Paypal][SWAPS]Hello, Selling My Elite Staker With 112M!!! Just Tired Of Staking And Want To Get Back Into Pking Just Got Accepted Into Pure Clan So Im Focusing On That Now On RS. PAYPAL = 100$ RSGP = 150M (Or 25M; I Transfer Off Cash) SWAPS = PURES ONLY (50M+) (I Will Transfer Cash Off If Your Account Isnt Good Enough) : MY IS [email protected] WARNING! I WILL NOT ADD YOU! YOU MUST ADD ME OR NO TRADE! (Posted That Pic On Rsbots; But Now Im Selling)Beastly pure!!>>MUST SEE [70atk/93str/1def/94mage/Dt/Firecape]Okay simple, Looking rsgp for this, A/W 40m 60+ Vouches and ill go first or OMM/MM To do trade All old pass's etc comes with this account There is about 500k total in bank in pots etc 1 month membership NOW >>>>>>>>93 str [email protected] Also, clean sheet never got reported etc._+rsgp+_ Two Great Accounts | Ridiculously Cheap Price! | 90+ Stats |Hi, Basically I no longer play these accounts, and would like to sell them in order to continue with my pure, so would like RSGP ideally in exchange for this account, I will not go first, I do not scam and OMM can be used if you don't want to go first without. I have all details such as creation date, earliest password etc, I am willing to pay for OMM fee if you want one, but if you want to recov check, you must pay that fee. BOTH ACCOUNTS = Just 45M! OR 25m each First Account: Security: Stats: Items/Proof of Quests: The Bank of this account is worth around 400k , Thanks for Looking Second Account: (Please note this account must be purchased using a recovery check, which i will pay for) Security: Stats/Items: This Account only has about 70k in junk, but with 99 Thieve, alot can be potentially made Thanks for Looking and remember RSGP Only, accepting Verified Paypal as a secondary preference . My is - [email protected][rsgp][paypal] Level 75 Barrage/ranger! Look [rsgp][paypal]Hello, Im Selling This Great Level 75 Barrage/Ranger! Its Also In A Clan Called "FP" Just Go Into "Fp Chat" Its Ranked. A/W = 35M-50M RSGp PAYPAL = 35-45$ ACCOUNTS = PURES ONLY. (WITH ATLEAST 15M+) : [email protected] WARNING! I WILL NOT ADD YOU! IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME YOU MUST ADD!!!
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