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    Selling two accounts cheap! [RSGP][SWAPS]I'm selling two accounts because I don't want them anymore and I want to try other accounts. I'm interested in 10hp pures (preferably with a high 90), or RSGP. f2p pure: Account has no wealth. I am the original owner. I'm looking for a quick and easy trade like my range tank was. :///showthread.php?t=1193668 He forgot to vouch, but the trade was clean. Here are some pictures: I've been told that the stats are hard to see for some people, so I will list them here as well as having the picture above. 40 attack 70 strength 65 range 36 magic 31 prayer 64 constitution Post your offer and below, and I'll get right to you. Corrupt pure: 20 Attack 67Strength 19 ranged 54hitpoints 7m wealth. I'll post pictures of this account if requested. ECONOMY DEAL: BUY BOTH ACCOUNTS FOR JUST 40M OR A 10HP PURE WITH SOME WEALTH[BUYING] F2P 40/45 atk 1 def 1 prayWith arround 70-80 ranged and 70-80 str. Balanced out. I got 60M rsgp to spend add me: [email protected] TRUSTED USERS only please[RSGP]52 Combat 1 Def Pure[RSGP] ( 1 2 3)Selling an account I made a few months back, don't really have a use for it anymore, hence the selling. Only accepting RSGP for the account in order to fund my new pure. Has recoveries and an email registered to the account. However, all of it will be removed upon finding a suitable buyer. Furthermore, the account has well over a week of membership left! Great skills for a pure-in-making! Monkey Madness, dwarf cannon and many more quests done! No set price, only RSGP offers, please. I will be using a middle man for the trade - either official or an extremely trusted one of my choice - no negotiation on this part. Upon purchase, I will provide everything possible: date of creation, bank PIN, previous recoveries, passwords, date of purchased membership etc. Contact me on : [email protected] EDIT: I have decided to accept IRL payments also, only paypal and WU are available at the moment, in addition to RSGP. I RETAIN THE RIGHT TO DECLINE ANY PAYPAL PAYMENTS FROM PEOPLE I DEEM UNRELIABLE![RSGP/PP]skiller 4 sale![LOOK!!] ( 1 2)Login Stats Wealth Bid away. Low ballers gtfo. I want legit offers.[RSGP]Starter Pure[RSGP]Hello everyone, I thought of learning pk with this account but i fail real bad. So i thought of selling it. If interested leave offers or pm me on - [email protected] -Quest - Blood Pact -Wealth - 150k worth Supplies for combat/pk -Stats/Recovaries/Email/Offense History- Pic says everything :// Thank you[PP/WU] 40 Attack | 99 Strength | Low HP | Rune MinerHey guys, Corey here, bought this account about a couple of months ago from Gold4Rs. It is a Gold4Rs made account therefore i am not the original owner. They are my new recoveries however the account will be recovered by an OMM before purchase to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, and that's a guarantee folks. This account has enormous potential and is a LOT of fun to PK with.. i just can't seem to die. Due to my guild needing me almost everyday for the new Firelands raids in WoW i'll be unable to play my RuneScape account.. and thought to myself, why not sell it? instead of leaving it there to rot away.. I'm accepting Paypal only from verified sources and Western Union. I'll more than happy to use an OMM and we'll split the fee's. I'm also accepting RSGP so please leave a reasonable offer. : [email protected] --------------------------------------NOTE------------------------------------------ ACCOUNT WILL BE RECOVERED AND ALL INFORMATION IS YOURS UPON PURCHASE! PICTURES:Swapping or selling this acct! 99fm 99cook 91 hunt 90 miningI am looking to swap this account for a level 3 skiller or an HP pure, like all 1 melee stats than 99HP, please post what you have. I would also be willing to take offers on the account in rsgp. For swaps, I won't deal with new people to . My is [email protected], if you add my you must reply here with yours.Selling g maul blitzer, mith gloves, p2p left!Hey , selling this pretty legit account at a decent rate, i'm only looking for rsgp or a main with korasi's ^-^. The recovs and email will be taken off by MM when I find a buyer, I won't go first unless you're a mod or MM, a trusted MM will be used or you will pay for an OMM! Account has like 100k in items. Looking for about 20m. No a/w yet though! My is [email protected], reply via this thread before adding me though please!
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