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    [RSGP] cheap level 70 purehello im selling this half done pure simply because i cant be bothered doing any more quests. not looking for much as i know its not great. IT HAS NO WEALTH![Paypal] Multiple accounts for sale!, taking offers! [Paypal]Sorry, was in wrong section, someone please deleteWTB Rapier Staker - Offering up to 150m!Looking for a rapier staker, with 80 att and 90+ strength, 1 def preferably. If you don't meet these requirements, don't bother posting. Also, i'm only dealing with users who are trusted on sythe, 20+ vouches. Again, don't bother if you don't meet these requirements. I've been scammed way too many times in the past to even talk to someone who has a low vouch count. Post below if you have what i'm asking for along with your .buyign accountbuying a rs account 99-130+ i have 140mil to spend + some more post on thread first i will not go first unless seriously trusted otherwise get omm or mm at your exspense[RSGP/PP] BUYING PURE! Up to 90M/$! Look inside! ( 1 2)Hey guys! Selling my main and looking to buy a pure. I would prefer 1 defense, although it's not necessary. High mage + range is a must. Strength is good aswell. I would prefer MM and DT done too. Post what you got!73 skiller with 99~~~~$20!!Level 73 skiller for sale only $20 pp add me on to talk [email protected] SElling main/stakerthis is a staker i started but cbf to finish taking offers in rsgp only, here is a link to the pic of tha acc im selling, cb lvl 73 PM ME[RSGP/PP] Selling 1def Rapier Staker - 80atk,88str,88mage,91dung,90wc,rapier,cls,maul ( 1 2 3)Everything you need to know is in the pictures below! Post you offers here. Of course I will be taking the highest offer assuming I am satisfied with the offer. I will consider RSGP and PayPal offers separately. Top 3 RSGP Offer(s): Quote: Originally Posted by jpaz68 I"ll offer 100m. Quote: Originally Posted by that1whiteguy 95m [email protected] Quote: Originally Posted by Yes_Im_Nick Ill offer 95, pm me. Top 3 PayPal Offer(s): Quote: Originally Posted by Stewfid Noob 100$ paypal Quote: Originally Posted by rsghero $65 PP PM me if interested. Quote: Originally Posted by sadpker 60$ Pp For more information, feel free to PM me.
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