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    1 Def Pure [82 CMBT] [ORIGINAL OWNER]Looking to sell my pure, i know i dont have any reputation here, will use OMM Acc has MITH GLOVES PRICE 100% # LOOKIN FOR PAYPAL $ or RSGP i will provide all past history on acc, msm- [email protected] NO EMAIL REGISTERED, NO RECOVS ORIGINAL AND SICK NAME NO BANK PIN NO OFFENSESSelling Multiple AccountsI will not go first unless you have multiple vouches or are trusted. If you want to use a OMM you pay the charges.. I am willing to meet you in game to verify Taking offers.. Account 1: No Recoveries CB lvl 77 Account 2: Recoveries set CB lvl 79 Account 3: No Recoveries set CB lvl 85[RSGP][PP] Selling Great Lvl 80 Runepure | Quested | Ardy Cloak + MoreSold To Gold4rs!Cheap Rune Pure For Sale!! Must Goo Soon (rsgp Only)I AN BORED OF THIS ACCOUNT AND I NEEEDD SOME RSGP SO I DECIDED TO SELL. I ONLY TAKE RSGP AND I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS U R TRUSTEDLvl 69 Pure For SaleIm selling my level 69 pure, here are some pictures. im looking for atleast 20m i have intrest's in items or account swaps, happy posting.Sweet Rune Pure For Sale Combat 67 40 Def And 91 Mageplz offer me in rsgp. i will not go first[RSGP] Great Quested Pure**99 mining&Thiev**[Paypal]CO: Quote: Originally Posted by Aesiir I'll start you off with 10M Please Read: Account is 69 cb and has recovs that will be given as idk how to remove and the email can be removed upon purchase or transferred. I'm not the original owner but I've had the account since level 3 for a year. Account has 2 minor macro offences (can get pictures if needed). I have over 20 vouches and will not go first unless you're more trusted then I am. If you don't like it I'm happy to use a free trusted mm or OMM at your expence. If your interested in buying post here with offers and or pm me. Account has a nice login and display name, all the pray book in pic are full along with a full zammy book that you have to retrieve. Bank value is around 5m Login: Stats: Quests and etc.:[PP] CHEAP 82 Zerker has 99's! !PRO! [PP]Hi guys, this is my first account sell/swap. So here's the deal, I want cash. This account has served me well, but it is time to get rid of it and I could sure use the money. Selling for: $35 USD @@@ CHEAPER THAN GOLD4RS OFFER! @@@ Here's the account: We will use an OMM or MM if you want split 50/50. I won't go first, but we might be able to work something out. Add your here and send me a request. :[email protected]
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