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    [Swap]Buying decent zerk[Swap]Hi all. I'd like to swap my 133 main I have for a decent zerk (Post if interested) I'd like the zerk to have: 60 att 70+ str 45 def 52 pray 94 magic 80+ range Barrow gloves Ancients done Lunar done Fire cape(can do without) Torso (can do without) Pics of the account I'll swap for the zerk:Selling 99 Range Tank.Hello Sythe Users ;3 I finally Decided to part ways with my range tank :3 I will provide the email and email's password when brought, as i dont know the recoverys due to being lost when moved house, and old computer got threw away. it has a firecape, full bow of law, and a pair of void gloves. Animal Mag Done. No AutoWin set yet, looking for offers. :3Maxed Zerker 99 MAGIC, 99 RANGE, 99 STRENGTH, 99 THIEVINGThis is a FLAWLESS zerker. Great PKer and staker. The defence is perfectly quested, (defender of varrock, not holy grail), which means Curse Prayers after Sennisten. Items: Gloves up to Dragon, just needs the QPs for Barrows. (QP is like 130 now) All skillcapes Firecape Multiple Rune Defenders Fighter Torso Berserker Helm and more.. Stats: 72 attack 99 strength 45 defence 99 ranged 99 magic 88 hitpoints 99 thieving 73 hunter 72 cooking 63 mining --- 95 COMBAT Quests: Desert Treasure DONE Lunar Diplomacy DONE Dream Mentor DONE LOST CITY DONE (ofc) Recipe for Disaster ALL DONE except final battle MONKEY MADNESS DONE PICS: REASON FOR SELLING: I'm retiring Runescape, moving on. PAYMENTS: Mail-In WoW gold RS gold Western UnionSelling level 94 tank rangerI'm more than willing to use a MM. All information will be provided. RSGP only. AW - 35M RSGP Also, if someone could let me know how to remove the email, I'd be grateful! Fully Quested Ini-Pure|80 dung,rapier|92str|94mage|RSGP|Hello sythe. Selling my fully quested ini pure. Has rune gloves + dagon hai quest done, def was fully quested. Comes with 78 dung and all the tokens with it. Only 300k exp until 80. Almost has 80 att which will be ideal for the rapier or maul. Please post email when you offer. Starting bid: 25m A/W: 85-100m (will probably sell lower) Pictures:Selling lvl 63 pure1 defence 75 str , 85 range, 85 mage 76 hp. bank is worth about 25m looking for rs gp for it for my main.awesome def/range/mage pure {rsgp}I made it a few months ago b/c my main was banned, he's unbanned now, you can see in the pic i trained the account on all levels, i don't want/need it anymore will meet in game, member until june 1st, pics below, offers rsgp only, i need it on my main, i have a vouch from mod nick and admin SMR, so i won't go first, i'm 100% legit. Edit: My is [email protected] Edit: My is [email protected][60M-RSGP] 94Range/Mage - Firecape -99WC [60M-RSGP]60M RSGP ONLY! Quote: ORDER FORM Account N#: Can you meet payment requirements[Y/N]: Do you agree to go first[Y/N]: : Do you agree to the rules stated above[Y/N]: HAS FIRE CAPE! - 60M RSGP! 99WC ALSO! Additional Info Filled Zammy + Ancient Books! Animal Magnatism Done! 60M RSGP ADD MY IF YOU WANT TO BUY! PRICE IS 60M RSGP FIRM NOTHING ELSE!
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