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    [Donator]Buying a Customized Pker[25+Vouches]MrLucky buying a customized PKer I want to do some serious low level (lvl 60ish) pking. This account will be made from scratch, and will have no registered email or recoveries until I receive the account. Ill give more details/requests over I also would like my account personalized to the details below: Attack: 40 Strength:60ish Defense: 1 Range: 70 Magic: 1 Prayer: 1 HP at around 45-60 Ill take the best offer i get within 24 hours or so EDIT*: I don't care if you bot. Free or Premium, I just want it done without any black marks/ bans If you want to make an offer use the this form: How much will you do it for(RSGP): Your Vouches: :(RSGP) cb78-Chaotics! {CHEAP!}(RSGP) ( 1 2)Sold to Runscape-Trader if you missed out dont worry, im making a dung pure shop[RL Money] Selling Near Maxed Pure| Fully Quested| So Hawt| 1200S.T| 83k Dg Tokens [Umaking new thread updated[Buying] PURE WITH 99 DUNG, 1 DEF + CHAOTICS. TRUSED ONLY.Title says all, must have 99 dung and 1 def. Will only trade with trusted members.Huge list of free Runescape accounts, hacked and left overs.I have put together a whole list of free Runescape accounts. These accounts are all bought, been given or hacked but not by me, I just have the password list. I know a lot of them are rich but some might of already been taken so hurry and grab what you can. ENJOY! uploadee/download.php?file=45722Level 89 Box StakerJust wondering how much I could get for my box staker. Runescape GP offers only. Combat Level: 89 Attack: 86 Strength: 61 Defense: 85 Hp: 82 Prayer: 1 Summoning: 1 I've made around 200mill with this account.(rspg) {CHEAP}Selling level 65 PUREhey, im new here, so i dont know whether im doing this right, but here goes. .. well.. sorry , but i couldnt figure out how to put the image right in the screen. it has no money, so i dont expect much for it.. but plz keep it above 200k.. and no funny business like 201kNearly maxed zerker [RSGP ONLY][Willing to use MM]Selling this nearly maxed zerker for rsgp, I'd prefer using a , as I'm not very trusted on here, don't bother offering rl cash. The account has 182 quest points. Barrows gloves veng etc.. Membership expires 29th august. 95+7 combat
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