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    Low level wc'ersGot a bunch of wc'ers in the range of 90-94 wc. They are all 5-10 combat to avoid looking like common bots. If I see any interest ill get some pic's and the exact number of them that I have. No recov/email ofc.[Donator][Trusted][RSGP] Cranke's quitting sale! 6 insane accounts for sale! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)hey guys, i've made the decision of quitting runescape for good because it is taking too much time in my life and i need cash to pay my car insurance/school . ill be selling all 6 of my accounts, i am original owner of 5 of them, 1 of them i bought from a trusted member on about 1 year ago. i will only be accepting RSGP as payment. If you wish to use an OMM you will have to pay the fees. RSGP = 0.40/M acc1 = A/W 400M - addy gloves, DT, 108 dung, all chaotics + 800k tokken, 99 str, 94 magic acc2 = A/W 350M - barrow gloves, korasis, full void melee, 9 99s and 7 91+ skill, 2 chaotics (rapier maul), can do every effigies except rc ones, has 46 effigies in bank -- SOLD TO OblivionKS for 350M acc3 = A/W 200M (180M if no bank, has about 20m-ish on it) - can kill frosts, has chaotic long, nearly maxed combat acc4 = A/W 135M - very nice obby mauler 99 str acc5 = A/W =100M - 85 dung, chaotic rapier + cbow + 67 summ --- SOLD FOR 90M to KKILUKS acc6 = A/W = 80M - 85 dung with rapier **** the accounts come with no wealth on them **** Acc 1: update: acc is 94 magic now pretty rare account. nearly maxed chaotic pure. 108 dung all chaotics and 1m+ tokkens. i am original owner of that account so i have every informations about it. Combat: 88 Acc 2: my main, 9 99's including prayer, herblore and smithing. barrow gloves, korasis, 2 chaotics, 91 dung, nearly 2150 total, fire cape along with 45 effigies. Combat: 119+10 leading offer: 250M by OblivionKS Acc 3: decent main (nearly maxed in combat) no 99s altho it is 100k to 99 range. can be a decent staker once maxed. 35 effigies, chaotic longsword Combat: 125 Acc 4: my newly made Zeal pure transformed into a obby mauler. 99 str, 55 slayer ( slayer staff) 31 pray and 67 rng. Combat: 51 Acc 5: frost dragon account pretty much, decent melee stats to make a nice 500k+ @ frosts. has chaotic rapier nd crossbow leading offer: 10M by I_DONT_BOT Acc 6: another frost dragon account, more recent than the other one, still can make nice money at frosts and getting charms for 67 summ at frosts takes no time at all. Please post here and post your email adress so i can add u, mine are [email protected] and [email protected] dont add me if you did not post on my thread.Selling Gravite Pure 57 cb amazing stats!hello i am selling my gravite pure i am the original owner. it has 50+ summoning banked heres a picture of the stats + tokens. right now im taking all offers rsgp only.~EPIC Pures~DT DONE~STAKERS~99MAGICclosed because of liesbuy 99 mage pureim buying a 99 mage pure maybe with dt done but doesnt have to for 20mil►►►►[RSGP ONLY] Selling >> zeal pure![1.7K zeals!][RSGP ONLY]◄◄◄◄ ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)RSGP ONLY >>>>> RSGP ONLY These are ALL level 3s with 0 xp gained! If you're looking for a trusted user to sell you an account with 0% chance of getting recovered, look no further. When buying my account, you get all of the following: Month the account was created State I live in and ISP used to create the account User name and password(s) used on the account Could either be sent over or via PM Membership details used(trying to look for them) Unfortunately, I have NO membership on the accounts, therefore I cannot take ANY pics. I do, however, have a general estimate on how much the accounts have. Looking 145m for the account with ~1.7k. Post here. Not going first, and not using any free mms. I don't pay OMM fees either. p.s. Ty busta for the arrows firemake already including logs/hachets. 91imbued: Combat Lvl 3 Lvl 49 (2k from 50) Mining All other stats are Lvl 1 (excluding Constitution) Has about 150k in ore and mining supplies Go Dramen: Combat Lvl 3 Lvl 49 (9k from 50) Mining All other stats are Lvl 1 (excluding Constitution) Has about 140k in ore and mining supplies. imbue dramen: Combat Lvl 3 All stats are Lvl 1, 0 xp gained (excluding Constitution) Has 30k on account Good fresh starter account, no items in bank, only items are Gp and Golden Hammer **If any other pics or offense histories are needed please let me know I will provide them** I am trying to trade any or all of these accounts for a 1 month membership to runescape. My main lost mems and I no longer have a job :/ These accts are actually not botted and have been sitting around doing nothing for some time now because I am only interested in maxing out all stats on my main. If anyone is seriously interested you can pm me on forum or in game (Mister Maxy). I would like the card first but might be willing to negotiate (I just don't want to get beat), seeing as how its only like 6-7$ if anyone really thinks they are going to get scammed I can do anything to reassure you I just really want membership on my main and don't care about these accts anymore. Thanks.selling g2h pure HIGH STATSi want to get 45$ for that account in irl cash(paypal) well add [email protected] if you wish toi buy
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