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    Selling Quested Turmoil Zerker / Veng / Turm / Handcannon / 1600 TL / ..[rsgp]RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY!!!! Hey guys, I'm selling my turmoil zerker pure. The reason I am selling this account is because I don't like it anymore and im not the best pker. This account is fully Quested. Accounts Features Vengeance Turmoil HandCannon Zainks Bow 90 Mining Like 2m Bank All God Books Filled Barrows Gloves 4 Letter Name and more.... Stats: Quests/Bank: Login: BanBars: Starting Bid: ? I will NOT go first to anybody either: 1.You go first 2.You give half, I give Details, You give rest 3.We use a OMM (you pay fees) Please Respond with your offer and messenger and I will add you ASAPDecent Staker 75atk, 90str, 70def, 70fm 30+VouchesSelling my decent staker fairly cheap , if you are interested into buying the account just add me on - [email protected] my vouch thread is here sythe/showthread.php?t=964779 and also in my sig thankyou.Selling level 94 ★ inferno adaze ★ 99 cook,93 wc,88 fish! ★ Cheap!!Selling this account cheap as i don't use it. Stats: Bank: Login: A/w:4mil We will use MM,and the mm will take everything off for you ;Dbuyin 40 att after a f2p pure..... dont care about non combat skills the account must have! 40 att 85+ str 1 def 1 pray $30 for this account threw or paypal.paypal selling amazing 20 def pure must see!!!!hellow today i remember i had a frozen beast 20 def pure so invested some money to get him unlocked and he still has 20 days left of member ship and all major quests done he has rune gloves dt done monkey madness pk ready there is no auto win just leave a bid and ur well will talk about how we will trade latter on PAYPAL ONLY PS I FORGOT TO SAY ACC DOSE HAVE RECOVS AND BANKPIN ILL UPLOAD A LOGIN PICK IN A SECSelling deadly low combat dds hybrid! DT COMPLETED | 1 defence ( 1 2)Hey I've been playing runescape a lot recently, and I decided I only have enough time and energy to focus on one account [that I recently started] This account is level 63, and is a GREAT pker Payment options *Now accepting only RSGP for this account Autowin: 50M pics; stats: bank: quests: *Edit: No recoveries/registered email You will recieve all information I have at once; I.E. creation date, previous passwords, subscription details etc. I am willing to use a verified MM, or an OMM if you want to pay the fee's. Or we could skip the mm and you will be going first. DO NOT ADD MY BEFORE PMING OR POSTING!! Thank you for your time; Jake. Feel free to offer.Pure for sale! 75Att/93Str/99Hunting/Pure quests done!{RSGP}This is my pure and I don't use it anymore. This account is 100% mine! All info will be given to the buyer, I am not here to scam anyone. I have used sythe for a few years now here and there thats why my post count is so low. If you really want to look back into my posts you can see I have never scammed anyone. Oh almost forgot to add this The account has all pure quests done MM/DT/Up to mith gloves done! Also the account has 99 Hunting. A/W : 40m Current Bid : Contact me on : [email protected] My Pure 91 Herb, 67 dung, 91 Prayer, 135 QP, 69 Summon ( 1 2)Locked
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