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    making 1 atk, 70 str, 44 pray, ( or 11 ), 82 mage with dt done.hey guys, im currently making a blitz obby maul rusher, add me on if ur intrested in buying the acc weene its done and post ur bids here. [email protected] Help please.Sorry if this is the wrong stop. Mod please move to correct area. I am trying to buy an account from someone in a dif country. Whenever I try to do a recov test they lock the account. He has given me pass and all info and when I recov it just says creation details are wrong and they lock the account every single time. I believe this to be because of the IP address? Is there anyway to tell jagex that the owner of the account has moved or something? Or to change the main IP?Selling 30mill with account WTS ASAPi am selling my 30mill and my account that is a good money maker and almost has 99 magic. text me and i can give you the name of char. i would like to sell both so i can get some cash saving for a new laptop, if you have a (asus g73jh) send me a text maybe we can work out a good deal Paypal only im selling the 30mill for $25 selling the account for $25 as well or you can buy both for $40 How i would like the deal to go.. From the past when i did wow trades and some rs trades i have found that many people can not be trusted i have been scammed before and dont plan on being scammed again. so the steps you can take are down below. i do not plan on going first, so only text me if you are ready to go first and email me if you have questions you would like to ask, and i do plan on trading more gold and maybe accounts if i get the time to later on. so if you are looking for a account i can maybe work on one for you. text me (503-586-3673)-talk vent-talk, give me info for vent [email protected] Pure 99 Strength 99 MagicI will ONLY sell it for RSGP I had no luck sell it through western union so i'm trying RSGP Its fully quested, Desert Treasure Monkey Madness ect. ( addy gloves also) The Zammy Book is completed. Does have a FIRE CAPE. Post your below, and How much you will pay for it. I'm taking all offer atm. Autowin: 100m My : [email protected] I will only go first to trusted people or we can use a MM Quote: Originally Posted by Lilsoufside Vouch for Me. Sold me a 1 month for $6, I went first, smooth trade XD Quote: Originally Posted by bzzbzz Vouche for Me, sold him 70k bronze arrows for $2 (he went first) Thanks man ^^ Quote: Originally Posted by Merv Vouch for Me, Sold 20k Arrows, Trade Went Great, Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by jevon001 Vouch for Me, give me 25M first, ask me to do a fire cape for him, very nice person!!!!!!Selling Range Tanker!!!! [email protected]@k [RSGP]The title says it all! I will be selling my range tanker because i need more money on my main. This account pictures will be posted below. If u want to contact me i have : [email protected] and you can always pm me. Thanks Guys and we will use mm or work something out... If you u want to meet in game just pm me and i will be here.[RSGP/PAYPAL] Selling a level 77 pure with 95 str, 85 range, 84 mage![RSGP/PAYPAL]Hey Guys im selling my pure , THE ACCOUNT IS NOW 95 STRENGTH! NO RECOVERYS OR EMAIL ARE SET. It is now a steel pure. TOS: Looking to deal with Member+ Status. Although I'll go first if your Trusted and many vouches . Note! the Account dose not come with claws! Here are some pictures. Stats. Black marks. No recoveries or email set And a Nice picture OFFER My email is [email protected] paypal/pokerstarsNot much to be said.Selling it for good, i would also accept pokerstars money transfers, offers.Thank you in advance. Oh and im selling it to chinks too, so if they wont scam me ill just sell it to them. Using only OMM, you pay the fees. Yeah i know i got email set up, got it one or two days ago, shouldnt have done this, does any1 know how to get rid of it? Feel free to contact me: [email protected]~2 ddser pure's w/mem~ ~Zerker/Miner~ ~Skiller~ ( 1 2)Selling 4 of my accounts I no longer need.. For RSGP... All are 100% safe, Willing to use OMM. Don't have money so.. You gotta cover the fee's. OR MM BUT A TRUSTED ONE!.. Willing to do recovery test on the accounts with emails to prove I am the orignal owner... POST OFFERS!!!!!!! Account # 1 This is one of the better DDSER'S, Comes with mem and a few RFD done. Has IRON GLOVES/DONE LOST CITY. Account # 2 This is the other DDSER.. Come with full month mem. Has done no RFD.. This one is CMBT lvl 59. Account # 3 Asking only 2m for this account This one is F2P.. A zerker. Not the best. But it has some nice a nice mining LVL WILL SELL THIS ONE A BIT CHEAP SOLD ACCOUNT 4
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