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    [RSGP]selling a lvl 75 1 def 1 pray 60 atk 99 str 94 hp[RSGP]hey guys im selling my very good staker that can also be a very good clean pker, I made over 700m on this account but I transfered it to my main before I pull something stupid and go all in and lose it all and I want to get rid of this account so I wont be tempted to stake on it again. A/W 80m This account has no recoveries or email, I will not accept swaps or paypal. RSGP only I will not go first I will do 50/50 with people that are a bit trusted other than that you must go first or we can use a very trusted MM or OMM you pay fee's. stats: login:[SWAPS]Selling lvl 78 Zerker pure[Possible PP] ( 1 2)Hello i am here to sell my Zerker in the making. I am looking mainly for swaps. Perhaps a Cash pile pure with 50+m maybe or a Low level pure with a decent amount of cash. I may take paypal but its iffy if i will. : [email protected] or Xbox Live: B000Om HEADSH0T or PS3: Moore_McLoviN Key Notes: -Defense is quested -43 Quest Points -Green Zone -Will provide old recovery questions -Email will be removed before selling. Login: Uploaded with Stats: Uploaded with Items:Great Pure level 62 Great Range/dds'er good starter pure!Hi Guys im selling this pure because i dont have any interest in playing on this account but believe it has some great potential with good stats for someone who can put time into this account! I will only accept RSGP and if you feel you want to use an Official MM etc you are paying the fees if you are trusted i will go first if not you are going first unless you want to pay an OMM. Just deleting the recoverys now they will be gone in around an hour! then i will upload a new picture until then you can PM me for more details RSGP ONLY PLEASE[Paypal] Selling lvl 85 w/ 99fletch, 96wc, +more.[MSP]Selling acount called mexican cats with 99 fletching, 96 woodcutting, 88 fishing, 70 crafting, 71att, 70str, and 68 def. Has d plate, d boots, d l, whip, and dragon hatchet. Has never been banned for any reason, 100% clean. AIM me and we can discuss a price screen name is eagleye742.(RSGP) Selling Level 63 Mauler/DDS Pure. Mith Gloves/DT and more!Hello well heres my rusher. I have no A/W at the moment so feel free to post some offers or fire me a pm. Rules: I wont go first unless ur extremely trusted and i deem u fit If u dont trust me then we can find a MM and well pay 50/50 Pictures: Uploaded with[RSGP] Selling ALMOST Maxed 20 Def [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hey guys I've moved on from this pure I really don't play it anymore, I'm looking to sell it for some RSGP. Fully Quested Defence 97 Combat Rune Gloves Firecape 99 Strength I'm not going first to anyone, I sold a rune pure the other day just fine. I'll use OMM or free MM. The asking price is 60M, and the A/W is 70M not to say I won't take offers lower all depending on the interest in the account, anymore questions feel free to post.Selling Lvl 94 with three 99s [RSGP/PAYPAL]Selling my main, which is level 94 (90 F2P) with three 99s. Woodcutting, Fletching, and Cooking. Account has skeleton outfit which was from Halloween 2006. 1614 total. I'm not sure how much to sell it for, but I'm looking for someone serious to buy it. Post here if you're interested. I am willing to go first, but we'll need an MM, or an OMM. I will trade this account + 36M cash on Runescape for a rare. Any rare will do, I just want a rare. If you are interested, contact me on please. My is [email protected][RSGP]Selling 30 Def Pure! [Fully Quested] [99 Strength + Range + Hand Cannon][Fcape]But I'm selling this beautiful account, with almost no bank (Around 1m) because I don't use it anymore. Has all the pure quests done (106 QP), rune gloves, and Hand Cannon! Sorry about the picture, photoshop isn't working for me right now, so used Gimp. Didn't turn out very well.. xD I'm the original owner, and I got all info. You will need to post here before adding me on ! I can't see when people add me! I only accept RSGP. The A/W is 200M RSGP
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