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    Selling Almost Maxed Rune PureI am selling my maxed rune pure. Here are some pictures. only has 100-200k bank, so never bothered to post a picture.I will be only accepting paypal/rsgp I will go first to you if you have 20+ vouches, or you can provide fee for omm [email protected][RSGP]LVL 74 w/ 3 90+ Skills look now!!Looking to get a higher main account so I'm letting this one off for RSGP. Original owner, all info will be provided upon purchase. Heres some pictures: ^f2p items do not stay^ Please post here or PM me! Thanks!99 Strength 99 Range 96 Magic |DT|MM|ADDYG| UPDATED |NO RECOVS| 13 MILL |Change display name after buying this account. Enjoy 2weeks + p2p after buying account. Fully safe account, includes all recoverable information after purchasing. Enjoy an account you don't need to do anything but pk / have fun 83k tokens = 2 gravite or towards a chaotic. Account is 50att because if the buyer likes to rush, you can still rush at 76cbt UGLY 6 DEFENCE I KNOW. G2H DID THAT TOO ME. THE ACC IS STILL HAWT!!! FAQ: Recovs/ email ? NOPE Will it pass test? YES JUST REMOVED RECOVS TODAY Email user? NO ORIGINAL NAME Original owner? NO I bought it as a level 3 display name account. Do you accept swaps? No I don't. Rsgp or PP or WU MAYBE PA SOON ANYMORE QUESTIONS POST HERE OR [email protected] 98 Fishing & 99 FletchingHey! im selling this account, its best stats are 98 Fishing and 99 Fletch, i will sell it for GP ingame or Via Paypal. It doesnt have an email and it has recovery questions which i cant remember because i set them so long ago.selling ownage gmauler/68 cb! 2-99s!! must see!?!Hello! so yea im selling a good granite mauler here. So im selling this account cause im quitting runescape and the cash that i will receive of this account will go to other people who buys them off me. this acc is also a level 68 and has 13 prayer, dt .mm. lost city, mountains daughter, elemental workshops 1-2, and addy gloves pics: no recover questions or email registered ---> i54.tinypic/4g4rbk.jpg heres some items from quests --> i54.tinypic/294322t.jpg Stats --------> i53.tinypic/fu72v6.jpg so if ur intrested in this acc and ready to buy just contact me on : "[email protected]" if ur intrested contact me on : [email protected] so im just selling for RsGp.hello! sythe selling SOULSPLIT/TURM 60 ATT PURE. I understand OMM we can use that too ( 1 2)This is my starter turmoil pure. It has 95 pray and 92 herblore. I Hope to sell. Please offer below idk what i should sell this for as i am new. We can use a Middle Man if want to. Don't try to scam me too i am not dumb and just here looking to get a decent price for my pure as i cba with runescape now. (got ddosed for bank) Please Pm Me and Post Below If You Wanna Buy! {PAYPAL IF TRUSTED} [email protected] SELLING FOR 125M-200M A/W NOW HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SELL FOREVER[PayPal] Buying blue dragon accounts[PayPal]Original link : sythe/showthread.php?t=1216436[must look] selling 89 dungeoneering pure [rsgp]Autowin: 50Mil Current offer: 10Mil If you are genuinely interested please post a message on my wall, post here or add me on . you can ask to meet me in game if you like. email will be removed upon purchase and its only ever had one password. Ok so here are pictures of my account. My login screen: i51.tinypic/34q2xs3.jpg stats: i54.tinypic/124zrr5.jpg combat lvl: i53.tinypic/ekjj2f.jpg dung tokens: i53.tinypic/i42us1.jpg wielding dung items: i56.tinypic/353cfms.jpg blackmarks: i55.tinypic/xejrl3.jpg No spam on this thread thanks, looking for serious buyers.
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