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    Selling MainHi, I am selling my main acc for Rs gold for my new guy. The guy i am selling is named Ryanmettler check his stats in the highscores if you want him. We will talk about how much gold. If you are interested email me @ [email protected][$10,000+ Traded] [70+ Vouches]Morrigans Javelin Staker [Make mills even BILLS!]Hey guys, looking to sell my personal staking account. I have all info on this account and you have no worries on recovery. I will give the buyer of this account a free membership upgrade after purchase for a full month of staking. I co-ran a pures/skiller shop some months ago with KeroKeroCola, and we were quite sucessful. Anyways, on to the account: The way this account works is you have higher hp than a person your combat level and with the 78 range you can use Morrigans javelins, which are very powerful. This is a potent staker if used right. Login: Stats: Here is just some of the recorded stake wins I have earned from this account. Yes, you are probably wondering how I defeated a lvl 101. Well, I had higher hp and owned him with the Javs. I know what your thinking, "Why would he sell this account if it's so great?" well to answer that question, simply I do not have time to stake anymore. Looking to sell it to someone who will put it to good use. Price: Preferably WU $100 A/W via W/U we can talk about fee(s) RSGP= 150m My Only : [email protected] Offer away, no low ballers please.selling maxed zerker pure! ( 1 2)i will take rsgp, w/u, or paypal. (prefer rsgp) it is maxed zerker pure total level is decent only thing it is missing is like 20 qp. its stats were completely quested -defender of varrock is complete so no def needed -mm done -dt -lunar is done -can use hand cannon and has full void melee, range, and mage -all the bank will be taken off on trade so no point in posting a bank pic. -recovery test will be done! -post your offers!SELLING almost maxed initante pure ( 1 2 3)Hey im selling my initiate pure with 83 dung. Will be accepting rsgp and rsgp only no swaps sorry. -i need this sold tonight- add my - [email protected] A/W = 100m S/B = 20m Uploaded with[Lvl-64] Rare Name (crucify) - 90 Magic! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)BUY NOW FOR 35USD or 35M Vouch Thread! Desert treasure Completed. Animal Magnitism completed - AMAZING NAME!. Great starter pure! - No recoveries. No recovery test needed! Contact me @: [email protected] Fairy cheap for how well the account is created. 0 Black marks.Cheap Pure Must Go Asap 91 Mage Combat 67.. Pm Me Rsgp OffersI AN BORED OF THIS ACCOUNT AND I NEEEDD SOME RSGP SO I DECIDED TO SELL. I ONLY TAKE RSGP AND I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS U R TRUSTEDSelling Beastly Boxer 95/70/82 [RSGP]95 Combat. His Defence is now 82. Being trained at 50k/h. I've won quite a few stakes. Only thing is, you stake pretty low consistantly at his stats. 1-5m. Decided to start another whip boxer. No black marks, comes with an email that i will give you with the account, has members on it. Blah blah blah, I'll post those pictures when someone's ready to buy it. Not looking for a huge amount. Just start offering and I'll see what I can get. Definitely down to use an MM.Selling sick holiday item tank!Hey guys I'm selling my tank which i've had for years. I just recently got it members but honestly don't even want the account's too much work to train. It has holiday items from 05/06 including easter ring, zombie head, christmas hats/scarves. It also is done MM and has great potential to become an amazing tank.(I believe if you spend 20-25M u can chin 83-99range in a few days). I know I'm new, I'll go first to trusted people or we can get an MM A/W: 10M : [email protected]
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