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    Selling a lv 92 Account Lots members iteams!Hello today im trying to sell my runescape account its a lv 91 LOTS OF member iteams i will provide all info on the account im currently accepting paypal and looking to get 50$ OBO Thanks. The images say it all reply if intrested. with your . I FAIL! BELOW CORRECT PICS :) i56.tinypic/2m84lxl.png i54.tinypic/257gbc4.jpg[Rsgp] Selling Ownage Lv.70 Void D-Bower [Swaps]Yo, xskillsx here selling this ownage void ranger. Accepting Swaps and RSGP Has a couple days of members left, no recovs/emailbuying failed pures ppHey guys im looking to buy any failed pures example 1def pure with 5def or 20def pure with 25 or rune pure or zerker with 50+def just post the accs below and i use paypal. im looking for accounts with higher levels.Selling EPIC 68CB Rapier Pure! Pro Staker! {PayPal/RSGP} ( 1 2 3)Hey guys. I'm selling this epic rapier pure / staker. This account is great and I've made M's at the duel arena off him. I'm selling this account because it's almost summer time and I don't want to be inside. I will not go first. You will, or we will use an OMM. Combat is now 74! AW: $35/40m Post offers below!Looking for f2p pureLooking for a f2p pure, 1 def/pray 40 attack 90+ str Trade for my f2p rune range/2her(paypal) buying STR pure!! See details!Hey guys im buying a pure str. There are not many requirements besides these few Requirements: 60 or below attack 60 or higher str 10 or lower defence I realize i am new to sythe but i will not go first. To show you im trusted i can show you my account which has 100 good feedbacks and those are all throu paypal transactions. Post below some offers and your email. I really want to buy it today so stay tuned! PM me also with some offers. My email [email protected] Cb 92 AccountSelling a runescape account i trained to 92 cb using rsbuddy bot.... Im looking to get around 40$/£20 or 50m. Im definatly up for people bidding a lower price. Lets just see how it goes. Start bidding! Extra info i forgot. ive took email off and ill change recovery questions to whatever you want because i dont know how to take recovery questions off. its 80 att str def contact me by here or email me at [email protected][RSGP / PP] Level 86 Zerk Pure w/ Lunars + Ancients [MM / Recov Check Used]A/w: $60 or 115M RSGP MM will be used unless you pay for OMM No recoveries, email will be yours
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