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    [BUYING] Hybrid with good STATSLooking for a Hybrid with at least 90+ Str Range 94 Mage 1 DEFENCE no offers with higer defence please Buying with Paypal or RSGP preferably PP[RSGP] Buying zerker with CHAOTIC MAUL AND KORASI!Pretty much i'm buying a zerker with atleast the preskills/prequests for korasi and HAS to have a c maul or atleast 80 dung and 200k tokens, cb stats should be around 80 attack, 90-ish str and no higher than 45 defence, prayer doesn't matter that much but I couldn't afford a turm account, acc must have atleast rune gloves and must have 94 mage and lunars done! reply or PM me, I'll decide on an offer after discussing. I won't go first, trusted MM will be used or you'll pay for an OMM.[RSGP][PayPal] Selling My Zerker ! [RSGP][PayPal]Hello guys I'm selling my Zerker Pure here for some RSGP recently I decided to sell my Zerker Pure it is good at Pking was a fun account to play on so yeah I'll be using an OMM or MM to do the trade I'll be removing email and set to your's and the recovery's will be told as well Thank you. : [email protected] --------------- Has 51 Dung now.[buying] Good Pker ( 1 2)Hello everyone, if you have a good pure i can buy( no matter what pure it can be ranged strength magic or both ... 1 def or 45) i can buy ... I can give 40m [rsgp] ( optional ) or 60$ paypal. yeah i can want to spend 60$ but it can be more. I wont go first untill i see u trusted. Thanks[swap or rsgp] am now willing to swap my 99 prayer zerkerwill swap him for a good 1 def pure. please post link of stats and what not then add me on . [email protected] s/b:45m72+5 initiate pure, quested a/w 40 mil2shared/photo/lSFzqMWJ/yoyo.html has 5 complete books including unholy book defence, pray, attack quested rune gloves dt done A/W:40 mil! __________________[SALE] Three ownage accounts - Main, Tank, Pure - MUST LOOK !!!!!!!!Hello there I am hoping to sell my three accounts as I start college Tuesday and I also work the rest of the week so I have very limited time for Runescape now I am the only original owner of all these accounts, I am selling them mainly for RSGP as I will play on my almost maxed main when I can I AM SELLING THESE ACCOUNTS VERY CHEAP SO HURRY! I am only really interested in RSGP but I may be persuaded to accept Paypal and xbox related items All accounts have a fire cape Pure Combat level: 74 Leading offer: $40 Auto Win : 80M NOT MUTED INGAME, CAN VERIFY Tank Combat level: 96+3 Leading offer: Auto Win : 70M *HAS MEMBERS* Main Combat level: 104+2 Leading offer: Auto Win : 60M *HAS MEMBERS* *600 EXP TIL 96 STR* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I will not be going first to anyone who I do not see as trusted, I have no problem with using an OMM as long as you pay fees Please post your offer on this thread, THEN add my Thanks for your interest and I will try my best to answer any questions Quote: Originally Posted by Easy Riddles vouch for timmy12345,bought timmy12345s main for my skiller good guy to trade with. Quote: Originally Posted by sydney669914 Vouch For Timmy12345 Swapped Accounts with Him, I Went First, Smooth Trade. Very Trustworthy! Quote: Originally Posted by OriginalNerd Vouch for Timmy12345, We did a very smooth account trade. He went first! Very trustworthyp>
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