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    Buying failed 1 def pures and such [CHEAP]Buying failed low lvl pures for cheap. Crappy pures/2def pures. Post stats and offer. Will go first if trustedselling 2 good/rare names ready 4 transfer me: [email protected] pure sale! [RSGP][Swaps]Follow the link in my signature for a great mage account low hp, high mage Ask what you want! I have: Gmauler, Rune pure, range tank, magic pure, magic prod, strength pure Stats:: Gmauler: Rune pure: Range tank: Magic pure: Magic prod: SEE LINK IN MY SIGNATURE strength pure: rsgp and swaps only, im going for a good pvper account.Amazing Account!! [Click Here]Look at this account, and get back to me. Bidding starting now, either pm or wallpost me. ://powerbot/community/to...2#entry6819302[RSGP] 1 def pure with 90 mininga/w = 20m RSGP My Terms. 1. We will use a free MM !only! - No quests are done. - 700K gold - Email is registered but it's old. - I have all recovery information, except membership details. - I'm not the original owner. MY - [email protected] Photos: #1 #2 A/W = HIGHEST OFFER IN RSGPlooking for a starter account 40+ strengthLooking for a starter account basicly 1 att, 1 def, 40+ strength. Will swap a DT pure for it (has 4 defence)Selling failed level 53 pure. DT Complete (4 defence)Selling a level 53 combat account, DT complete, Want to swap an account for it or will sell for RSgold, not expecting alot as i know the account has failed. Account no longer has any wealth, maybe 500k tops. Use to have 45m till i got hacked. Im either selling this account cheap or want to swap for a strength pure, (basicly 1 att, 80+ str 1 def) or swap for any other pure, (range pure) (magic pure) PM me if interested!! you can still make something out of the account... 5M LEAD! Will prove account is mine ingame if you want.)Buying RANGE/MAGE Starter PureAs the title says, im buying a range/mage starter pure. what i mean by that is it must have: 1 Defence Preferably 1 Attack, Strength and Prayer And most Importantly a start on both range and mage. eg. 60+ Post here with pics or links to your accounts.. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING ELSE. SO DO NOT POST HERE WITH SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO THE REQUIREMENTS^ thanks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.