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    looking for high level f2p pureLooking for a high level f2p pure between 1-40 defence. Post offers below or pm me. ThanksLooking for a Gmaul, or Dclaw rusher!!! PM me!I'm looking for a Gmaul rusher, or a Dclaw rusher! thanks guys, pm me or . is "[email protected]"SwapsLooking to swap for a skiller/pure with decent cash piles. Will swap 2 accounts both with membership for a decent pure/skiller p2p or f2p. 88 combat 95 combat acc2 is actually more about 2m networth couldnt fit all in bank though. PM me or me. : [email protected](RsGp) Selling lvl 90 Starter chaotic/korasi turmoil pure with 93 dungOk im selling this pure mainly because i dont have time to train/play him these days all i realy do on rs now is dice and sell gold. As you can see its not a turm account (yet) only needs to get like 59 mining and like 30 farming to complete all the quests needed for turm(which is about 9 quests or so only one left that gives any def xp is defender of varrock) Completed DT, A VOID STARES BACK ,RFD Has full zammy book CHAOTIC RAPIER STAFF MAUL RING OF VIGOR AND ARCANE STREAM NECK AND FIRECAPE with 93 dung up to rune gloves which is max for 30 def turm pures if you decide to get 40/45def you will have to do alot more questing etc. Has no blackmarks I WILL NOT GO FIRST. I have over 2b+ traded on sythe either we will USE A MM/OMM at your expense or you will go first. I WILL NOT BE SCAMMED Starting bid is 20m Current leading bid is 50m Autowin is 70m = [email protected] I will not accept trades/swaps/paypal i will only accept RSGP which i will in return sell to VIOU for paypal because he is trusted by me. [​IMG] [​IMG] Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling runescape acccount - For RSGP - good money maker must look..Hello all welcome too my thread - I am trying too sell my account due too i do not use it anymore.. here are some pictures.. I have not really got much in my bank as my account was cleaned as someone hacked it a while back.. If interested add my and we can meet in game as well.. [email protected] email will be removed once purchased, I made this account at least 2 years back now so have got all the recovery information that is needed. There is no black marks on this account. Good evening .[RSGP][PAYPAL] Selling Beast Staker [RSGP][PAYPAL]Hi sythe! I recently started playing runescape again but found out shortly that this game isn't for me. I will provide you with the account, a word document with all contained info about account and ofcourse the account. The combatlevel is 73 and he's a beast staker. I usually SoL vs Dddser and arm on ranging. Iv'e won alot with this account and i'm the original owner and the only one to EVER log in to this acc. WE WILL USE A MM/OMM AT YOUR EXPENSE, ELSE YOU'LL GO FIRST!Selling Turmoil Pure CHEAPHello, i normally sell my RSGP and accounts on playerup but this time i am looking for the money as quick as possible, so i have decided to come here to sell my turmoil pure. Attention: The account is now 97 strength and 89 hp Also. Rules/Info: I only accept Western union, Moneybookers and bank transfers. Bank transfers how ever only from canadian people. I will not go first unless you are highly trusted. I will how ever use a middle man. Please do not post low offers. When posting please leave / inbox me your . Starting bid: 25m A/W: (unsure atm) Account Info: - Fully quested + turmoil. - It has ADDY gloves but you can get rune without levelling defence. - It has 94 dungeoneering (100k extra tokens) + it has a rapier , staff, 2 arcanes and a tomb of frost. - The account is ready to pk.◆1 Defence Pure | 99 Str, 99 Magic, 60 Attack | Mith Gloves, Firecape, Rares, DT, MM◆ ( 1 2)Hey guys, I've got a really nice 1 defence pure for sale- 80+1 Combat Level 61 Attack (The 61 Attack was an Accident) 99 Str 99 Magic 93 Range (Pic's is a little bit old) 90 HP All are quested 50 Dungeoneering means could be made in to a Rapier/Maul PKER And all these Skills were NEVER BOTTED. So a lot of blood, sweat & tears was put in to this account. 2009 Holiday Items- Full Ghostly Christmas Robes, Candy Cane + Golden Hammer. Also comes with around 40M Wealth It is Fully Quested- Desert Treasure RFD - Mith (Has Skills for addy) Monkey Madness Horror From Deep Priest In Peril Animal Magnetism And many other essentials+ A/W - NOT SET Bid - 50M Vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=1082912 - [email protected] DONT ADD [email protected] it is an impostor! For more information, pictures of the account are shown bellow-
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