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    [paypal]Lvl61 range 2h pure[HOT]Selling this account for paypal cash. Not looking for too much, just a good offer would be nice. Post your offer here or pm me on here. Im also only selling to people who are trusted or we use a mm to do the trade if not trusted.RSGP-Auction-Reset 14 DEF PURE-24HR ( 1 2)Major Quests Completed: Monkey Madness Horror From The Deep (Full Book Of Balance) Nature Spirit Recruitment Drive Lost City Many Others (62 QP's) Strength Rolled Back From 99 to 92 Hunter Rolled Back From 92 to 86 I am the original Owner. Email will be changed to the Buyers at the end of the 24HR period. Recoveries will be provided. We will trade using a trusted FREE MM of MY Choice. Unless you want to pay for OMM. It's a Name Login. Available for a name-change once members. Starting Bid: 1M Increment Bid: 100K A/W:7M Good Luck[PayPal/RSGP]Selling decent 1 Def Pure! 60 att(Att quests already completed)[PP/RSGP]Hello, I am selling my 1 Def pure to help pay for an online homeschool academy, so PLEASE help me out, the stats are not bad, not great, but not bad at all. Stats ------ Log-in ------ Black Marks ------------ Bank ------ Bank isn't much anymore since I transferred it to my main, but its not completely broke. The prayer book is also full. S/B- $20/40M A/W-$40/75M : [email protected] check AMAZING zeal pure / with dungJust looking for a price check on the following char. How much would I get be able to receive in rsgp for this. it has 72 atk 85 str 76 hp 1 def 1 sum 1 pray 88 dungeon 4.4k zeal saved and 420k tokens enough for 2 chaotic weps I was going to turn this into a 99 atk 99 str 99 hp chaotic rapier/cls with 89 combat staker and still might. you can do the zeal trick on here, it has enough for 3 99 skills basically, you could spend the zeal without logging out and for 6 hours and just wreck through the competition who think your stats are worse then they are and in doing so win atleast a couple bill How much would this be worth.Selling staking pure(82cb) not done.Im selling my staking pure. This pure is not finished. Leave offer. Paypal only. Combat:82 No recovery. 8-9 member day left. No email. Never boted. Never got a report abuse.[RSGP] Looking for good F2P PKer/P2P PKer [RSGP]Looking for good F2P PKer/P2P PKer MUST HAVE NO EMAIL/RECOVERY (You can take them off) ALSO POST HOW MUCH YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET FOR IT, DEPENDING ON PRICE WE WILL USE OMM (Split fees if you are vouched/trusted [maybe free ] BANK DOESN'T MATTER F2P 40 attack 90+ strength 1-5 defence 1 prayer OR 45 attack 90 strength 1-5 defence 1-31 prayer TOKENS FOR 2-3 G2H's (or have them) P2P 60 attack 85+ strength 30 defence 70 range 95 prayer (or 34/52 if not quested to get turmoil) Rune gloves and Turmoil (or not if it is 34/52 prayer) All other types of pures don't be afraid to post, as I am just looking for those pures, I still might buy your pureMaxed l 60 Attack l 5 99's l 1600+ Total l RSGP Only! ( 1 2 3)Hey Guys, Theron here. Selling his pride and joy, his maxed 60 attack pure. This account was botted to achieve these stats, but he hasn't been botted in over a month after achieving his 5th 99, smithing. In no way possible can this account be banned so you're in the clear. I will only accept RSGP and a MM/OMM will be used at your expense if you aren't willing you go first. This account has never been banned so his record is clean. This account currently has an email registered and Recovs, but they will be removed if a LEGIT offer is made. This beautiful account is completely quested. He has addy gloves, ancients magicks, a full zammy and guthix book, fire cape, and arcane stream. He currently has 5 99's. Magic, Range, Strength, Hunter, and Smithing. He has a 1600+ total. An A/W is set at 400M rsgp. The A/W isn't negotiable. If interested, Post below, PM me, or Email me.AMAZING Staker! l 99 Def l 80 Dung l Chaotic l CHEAP!Only : [email protected] Price: 30M Non-Negotiable. Email is subject to change, all information will be provided.
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