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    [RSGP]Selling A G2H Pure[RSGP]Hey Guys I Am Selling My G2H Pure For RSGP. I Dont Know How Much Yet So Just Shoot Some Offers, I Will Not Go First Unless Highly Trusted Or You Get A Omm.I Have A New Pure And Now this One Sits. So Myswell Sell It. Heres A Pic Of It.S>Rune Turmoiler 99 Str 95 Pray [PAYPAL] ( 1 2)Selling my rune turmoil pure because i dont have time to play anymore. Quests and stats will be placed below Stats: Quests: If you're intrested let me know inbox or post your / . i will ONLY go first with well trusted people otherwise use a at your cost. Buying Quested PureBefore I list wanted stats etc, I'm only buying from TRUSTED MEMBERS (apprentice, guru etc...). I have both RSGP and PayPal. Wanted stats: -60 attack -90 strength -1 defense -94 mage -13 prayer These stats are ideal but I'm willing to accept lower/different stats. Post here with offers. Thanks.[Selling] Lvl 93 Zerker Pure w/Veng | Quests Done | Dragon GlovesSold!!!Help please: What pictures should i post when selling an acctI'm new to sythe basically and trying to sell an account that i own on sythe and i already have a thread going but there was a suggestion that i show more pictures to prove that i own the account with its items. any suggestions for what to put? here's the thread link, with a pic of the account in the description. sythe/showthread.php?t=124937545 att 90 str 99 def 99 hp 1 pray 1 sumoffers please 45 att 90 str 99 def 99 hp 1 pray 1 sum NOTE! AS YOU CAN SEE IN THE LINK OF THE ACCOUNT IT IS NOT 45 ATT OR 90 STR YET. BUT IT WILL BE IF SOMEONES OFFERS A REASONABLE PRICE Many thanks, Dan s1107.photobucket/albums/...ent=yeeeey.png[675+ Vouches] Selling 80CB 1 Def Pure | 6x 99's | Quested [RSGP/WU] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)A Bit about this account: This account will never be recovered, as I am the only person to know the information for this account. This has been my personal account since creation, and is the pure in my progress log found here: sythe/showthread.php?t=1196091 I have every piece of information on this account, including ISP, Membership Details, Creation Details, Recoveries, Email etc. This account has 6x 99's. Strength, Range, Magic, Smithing, Herblore, and Dungeoneering. This account has a full Zammy book, Addy Gloves, Firecape, Arcane Stream Necklace, Chaotic Crossbow and just under 1m Dungeoneering Tokens. Pictures: How much do I want? 875m RSGP [A/W] $350 Western Union [A/W] Terms Of Service: I will not go first. Email will be changed to yours upon purchasing the account. Recoveries will be provided upon purchasing the account. I will not accept paypal. Any fees associated with the purchasing of this account will be yours.selling level 87 hybridHey guys ive basically given up on runescape so i am going to sell my hybrid. As you can see the stats are very good, im not giving a set price because i am not sure at the moment. It is level 87 combat. Please post or message me all offers of RSGP and PAYPAL ONLY! and please ask any questions thank you. STATS LINK freeimagehosting/04be8
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