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    Turmoil Pure Hello, i normally sell my RSGP and accounts on playerup but this time i am looking for rsgp, so i have decided to come here to sell my turmoil pure. Rules/Info: I only accept RSGP. I will not go first unless you are highly trusted. I will how ever use a middle man. Please do not post low offers. When posting please leave / inbox me your . Starting bid: 30m. A/W: Not set. Account Info: - Fully quested + turmoil. - It has ADDY gloves but you can get rune without levelling defence. - It has 94 dungeoneering (100k extra tokens) + it has a rapier , staff, 2 arcanes and a tomb of frost. - The account is ready to pk.Cmb 96 76 att 99 str 99 rng 99 mage 45 defHey im selling my zerker pure for around 80m. I have been the only owner of this account owned for over 2 years. Stats are: attack: 76 strength: 99 range: 99 mage: 99 def: 45 prayer: 52 Hp: 88 the account has all quests done, has venge, rfd, mm, dt etc etc its a good pking account. Nothing in the bank just 2m of junk really whitch youl probably need. open to offers email is in sig please bump this thread for me ^.^[SELLING] Black pureselling black pure now a mith pure! 40 att 20deff 84 str 31 pray 86 mining!! 76 wc!![Buying] 1-10 Def pure 120 P2p Main. sythe/showthread.php?t=1254854 pm me on here or reply to this topic for offers etc. 1 def i brewed. and another with: 75att 95str 99range 99mage 64pray 2def 93hp - 86+5cb 92herb Overloads - fire cape this acc has over 150m enought for 95pray on both accounts i've done - monkey madness - desert treasure - Adamant Gloves - Unholy Book - both account has a firecape. - Overloads Every main pure quest basically done intrested??? EMAIL ME!! [email protected] also if u want pics email me or meet me ingame i don't mindSelling cb 67 94 ranged & magicHey, I'm selling an account I haven't used it ages. It has no quests done but the following stats: It's an account with a good base for a pure, tank or low level veng pker. I originally wanted to make a low level venger but I gave up when my mate, who was training the same type of acc, quit. I don't want to sell it for as much as I can, since I haven't been on the acc for the past few weeks, I just want some extra money. You will have to go first. This is the first time I sell an account and I don't want to be scammed. For 30M the acc is yours but feel free to bid otherwise. The account has an email registered but you can have that email and it's pass since the email was made for the account and has no other use. - Wessel.lvl 69 rangerhe has 76 range, 40 def, 43 prayer, 40 atk, 55 str, and 67 hitpoints lvl. sorry i cant take a screen shot. but if u are interested message me and i can meet u in gameSpending up to 40m on 40att 1def purepost ur offers in topic, with link&price.
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