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    BUYING ACC's WITH RSGP IVE GOT 150mi would like somthing with some chaotics (atleast 80att) and preffarably 80 str dont care much about def and post in this thread with offers but if you want a quicker reply email me at [email protected] or just message me on here ok that itLevel 94 Zerker-Lunar-Ancients-Handcannon-99 Range- 96 Strength- 94 MageHey guys currently selling this account, I had a 50M offer but it didn't really go anywhere and then my thread got deleted for some reason. I prefer dealing with people that have a higher post count/join date and have vouches. If you don't you will be going first, no discussion. Anywaysss heres the account I wish to sell, offers please. A/W=75M rsgp If OMM is used it will not be coming out of my fee. Payment method: RSGP Contact method: Forums PMS and then if your interested I will PM you my email. Price Range: Accepting offers 40M+, autowin is 75M Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usLevel 73 Pure | 99 Mage | 99 Cooking | $20 / 40MSelling my old pure, i don't play runescape anymore, i need money to buy a domain for my RSPS. Has DT done also. - login screen - weth and levels - quests - ban marks Email and Recoveries will be removed upon purchase. $20 PP or 40M RSGP[rsgp/paypal]selling staker(CHAOTICS!)I'm looking for ~25M or $50 dollars via paypal, post your address on here.Selling staking pure.I am selling this 99 constitution 78 range staking pure for (RSGP). Combat level 63. Comes with the constitution cape nothing else in bank. I will not go first. OMM will be at your expense. Still has membership thru november 3rd. AW: 130m[RSGP] Buying Turmoil Rune Pure or Turmoil Pure (CONDITIONS INSIDE) [RSGP]hey I'm looking for a turmoil pure or rune pure. i have some conditions MUST be 60 Attack (fully quested) MUST be 30 or 40 defence, if 40 defence MUST have barrows gloves and turmoil quest completed You MUST be trusted on sythe The account MUST come with all the recovery information Those aren't "i hope that happens" those are MUSTS I am looking to spend a MAXIMUM of 325-350m , ONLY IF ITS WORTH IT Higher Dung and Summoning also raise the value of the account in my eyes. I'm looking for fully quested attack and strength with it. offer away, ill accept/decline as i see fit -missin[Level 70] [Pking Account] [Good Stats!]Hey Everyone! Looking to buy an account? I have been focusing more on my main, and haven't played much of my pking account, so if your looking for one, i'll accept both RSGP or Paypal cash. I'm new to buying/selling, so it will be your offer, serious ones only please. This is my first post here, and I guess people want trust to buy things from people, but everyone starts somewhere. I've been reading on posts, and obviously I won't go first, but neither will you if you don't feel safe. We can get a , but I only know of one. Thanks a lot for reading! This is the account. If you need more proof, you can teamview me or something, whatever you want for me to prove it, lol.Selling turmoil pureHello, i normally sell my RSGP and accounts on playerup but this time i am looking for rsgp, so i have decided to come here to sell my turmoil pure. Rules/Info: I only accept RSGP. I will not go first unless you are highly trusted. I will how ever use a middle man. Please do not post low offers. When posting please leave / inbox me your . Starting bid: 30m. A/W: Not set. Account Info: - Fully quested + turmoil. - It has ADDY gloves but you can get rune without levelling defence. - It has 94 dungeoneering (100k extra tokens) + it has a rapier , staff, 2 arcanes and a tomb of frost. - The account is ready to pk.
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