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    2 Defence Attack pure - CheapWOW, fail, Wrong forum guys, sorry. this account is level 52cb I'm not sure what an accurate price is for this account, but I assume it's low. Throw me some offers Anyway, no bans, no resets, mutes, blah de dah, etc and a Username Login! wee. Anyway, Here's some pics, like I said just throw me some offers. Login: Saw some people using this, I'm not sure it matters, but here ya go Bank. Stats.[RSGP] Berserker Pure - Nearly Maxed - Lunar Magiks - Rune GlovesHello! I quit playing on this account some time ago and i decided i could use some cash on my pure. So I'm selling this Berserker. Username: I Smok3 ( Not Login Name ) (Does not have membership) Price: 120M RSGP O.B.O. It does have a Recovery Email and Recovery Questions Pending. But if someone is interested i will remove. Pics: CURRENT BID: 5M Post here if interested or add me on XBL - Ui Clam Bake Thanks.[20+ vouches] 5 chaotics - lvl 94 {99 dung + 6 99's + 98 str) only 26 defAwesome Pure - Turning turmoil Pure Looking to see what people offer for this account: (looking for RSGP the most or Western Union, maybe Paypal) Account also has a rare nickname- GFTO There are currently 6 99's, and it is 60k exp to 98 strength: There are 3 chotics (maul, rapier and longsword) plus enough points to buy 2 more Can use a Official OMM or MM upon request:Selling decent AccountI'm selling a failed zerk account... combat lvl 90, 95 str, 94 magic, 46 defense, 99 range 70 attack, 89 mining Will post pictures in a little over an hour.3 Letter name, Ranger, Possible Voider, Firecape, 60 Dung, Good Skills,CHEAPSelling this ranger, CB 74 It has a VERY short 3 Letter name. (some people apparently find this nice.) Has a longbow sight along with 60 dung. Will use MM/OMM depending on you. Cost is up to you. (So a free MM will be fine) [email protected] Here's the pics. NOTE: The name below includes a title. Recoveries/Email removed on serious buyer's request. Happy bidding.started turmoil zerker, paypal only or gpquested def, havent finished all def quests yet decided to go back to my initiate pure after 95 pray -___- name can be changed, xfered my gp and items ,leave an email w/offer or whateverAMAZING Lvl70+8 | 1Def | 8x99 | Non-cmb all 80+ | CHAOTICS | OVL | 250M Bank ( 1 2)Hi, I'm selling this account because I haven't been actively playing the game for over a year now. If I do manage to find a buyer for the account, I'll give them my address and phone number along with all of the account information so they may contact me should a problem arise. I'd prefer to use an OMM for the transaction, regardless of feedback (unless equivalent to or greater than that of an OMM). I don't have any issues with covering the fee myself. Here are a couple of pics showing the stats, bank, quests, and untradeables of the account. The rings are all imbued (very time consuming) If you're interested in making a legit offer on the account, please add [email protected] on or send me a PM. If you're here to try and scam me, please don't. I'm far from an love you and it won't happen. Cheers, GotbillzBuying maxed range staking pure- 99 hp - 90+ range 1 att 1 str 1 def
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