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    Selling zerker with 2 letter name and another 2 letter name account!! 94 hunter!!I may not have many posts but it doesn't mean I'm a fool or a scammer. I am selling a level 87 Zerker pure which is nearly finished. It has done almost all zerker quests and is only missing: Recipe for disaster( have all stats just need to get the qp's needed) Lunar quests The levels are all as they should be with only progression needed in levelling the combat skills if you wanted to max it. This account also has a rare 2 letter display name which can be transferred. The name of the account is Ru if you wish to check highscores. Items include: Fire cape Rune Zerker d scimmy Full ranged void Full zammy book (worth around 20m currently) mystics Circus hat etc etc.. In the login picture you can see that the recoveries are set but can and will be removed upon purchase. There is also no email and membership until June 30th. Some of the pictures may be a bit small but all details are in thread anyway. I am also selling my first main which is about level 90 and is pretty sucky it has pretty lame stats but does have access to a veteran cape and also has a pet imp for beating a challenge scroll. This account also has a 2 letter display name which is called 'of'. Both accounts are for sale either separately or together. I am not going first unless i know the person is trusted as i have dealt with them before. Willing to use an OMM in which the buyer will have to pay the fees. ThanksSelling starter def tank cb 17sorry about the bad pics, this is my first time uploading pics on a forum :/ I want atleast 1m (because of the wealth on the account is like 700k) This account is starter summonin tank or whatever tank you want it to be and i've just realised i just posted this thread in the wrong section -.-! {RSGP ONLY} Low level main/staker/tank ~ 99 def 99 fletch 76 cb {RSGP ONLY} !Hey, I'm new to sythe. never been on it before. but i'd like to sell this account .. it's got a cool username, pretty original. It can be made into a staker or tank! or even just a main. all wealth on it will be traded off before purchase, so i didnt even take a picture of it. It's got no email nor does it have recoves, and it still has over a month of membership. It's also one level from being able to bot sorc garden.. i wont go first, obviously, so we can use a or you go first. Starting bid : 10m RSGP My : [email protected] Screenies : My other accounts i'm selling : ! {RSGP ONLY}Decent Main ~ 4 x 99s, 124 combat {RSGP ONLY} !! {RSGP ONLY} Range Tanker, 83 cb {RSGP ONLY} !Hey, sythe, im selling this range tanker for rsgp. not much to say, everything can be seen in the screenshots. Starting bid : 10m My : [email protected] Screenshots : Other accounts im selling : ! {RSGP ONLY}Decent Main ~ 4 x 99s, 124 combat {RSGP ONLY} ! ! {RSGP ONLY} Low level main/staker/tank ~ 99 def 99 fletch 76 cb {RSGP ONLY} !Level 97 (71 att, 93 str, 70 def) LOOKWell i'm selling my acocunt, it used to be a zerker, it has MM done, the only reason im selling because my Main got gfed my bank. It sucks Tbh to let this go, but yeah, can someone make me a reasonable offer? Please, i will give you Every information you need to recover, even I.p. If you are trusted i will go first, idc. PM me here if interested.[Paypal] 90 Cb Zerker [$20]Hey sythe. I'm looking to sell my zerker pure. The A/W is $20 paypal, I need it to buy a new bong. My is [email protected] Zerker Pure Notes: - Was working on Chaotic Rapier, you can bot dung and attack to 80 easily - 1 Sub-quest left in RFD - 200k bank - Nice Strength - No Recoveries Pictures:Zerker!!!! Look! A/w 6mill!!Hi there, today i am looking to sell my Zerker pure.. Here is a piccy... STATS: Combat: 73 Attk: 60 Str: 68 Def:45 Range:51 Prayer:43 Mage:65 Hp:62 total level: 666 Quest points : 40 Done L.c M.M Hftd COMES WITH 1.5-2MILL BANK!selling 5 def pure cb 82, 75 w/o summoning ( 1 2)hi everyone, i'm new to sythe and i've heard of it from a few friends trading accounts. I can no longer afford p2p and also enjoy f2p pking more so a friend is giving me one of they're low level accounts to keep so i can pk in f2p. i'm looking to sell my level 82 (75 combat without summoning) for RSGP it has all pk quests done, DT, horror from the deep, addy gloves, mm, lost city ect. (has full zammy book, 20m , full bandos and full guthix book) also has full blue runecrafting robes! arcane pulse necklace from dungeoneering (the 6.5k token mage ammy) and zanik's crossbow! the acc can get 99 ranged and mage without a cb level! i can remove all questions provide original information ect. also has a bit of p2p left in it i am looking to remove all wealth with the exception of runes and arrows witch adds up to around 3m the construction has around a 3m house with an altar and teles and a throne room and combat ring. if you like PM me and we can meet up in game and i can show you 103 quest points :O! was going for a crystal bow got up to underground pass, completed that but having trouble starting regicide without 56 agil messenger won't seem to come :/ feel free to PM me or post below, i'm not sure what or how much i'm looking for but give me an offer
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