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    CHEAP [RSGP] 99 Str Zerker [RSGP] CHEAPI am looking to sell this account for cheap!! It is 93 combat...Any offers would be awesome! Stats- Login- Status-Dungeeoneering Pures 80+ (36-87) Combatsold close~~Denaz Pures shop [Paypal, RSGP, Swaps]~~Hello Sythers, I am going to sell few my pures There is a list: Account Nr1.: Features: Desert Treasure - Completed Monkey Madness - Completed 74 Quest points Account Nr2.: Features: Desert Treasure - Completed Monkey Madness - Completed 85 Quest points Account Nr3.: Features: Desert Treasure - Completed Monkey Madness - Completed 63 Quest points Account Nr4.: SOLD Features: Monkey Madness - Completed 82 Quest points :D[email protected] Staker[RSGP]Looking to buy a staker for rsgp Post here I will pay for omm and he will do a recovery test. Post offers.Selling Pro Zerker Fully quested [ 86str ] [ 86range ] [ 94mage ] [24m bank] [82cb][EDIT NO MORE WEALTH ON IT] [EDIT NOW 52PRAY] Selling my Awesome zerker account haven't used it to much and i was gonna make another pure so i figured i would sell this account. It's fully quested with d gloves, Only need 176qp for barrows , I'm at 110. It just needs to do lunar diplomacy stats required and quests required it just needs to be finished. This account really is pro i had pked tons on it when i used it. [CURRENT OFFER 50M A/W 80M] Just looking at some offers on here I will take, PAYPAL, RSGP, And that's about it, NO SWAPS will ever be considered. Theres an email that will be tooken off when i have a serious buyer, No recoveries. Heres a picture. Post ur offer and ur then add mine. [[email protected]][RSGP] 84 cb rapier staker [RSGP]so this is an amazing boxer/arm on/ whip staker but some asshole thought it would be funny to turn shield on in a box and cleaned me for 454m, all made with this staker... so instead of rebuilding I want to sell this account for some rsgp. I currently cannot take pictures but the stats are 80 attack 65 strength 74 def 75 hp 80 dung 63 range everything else is pretty much 1. my is [email protected], post here before adding me. no aw or sb yet but when i get a few offers i will add one and some pictures!Need Hunter AccountHey guys, looking for an account I can puro puro on for some extra gp for my pure. Don't feel like getting it 50mil hunter xp so don't want to run puro on it, so if you have an account with 91 hunter and 79 magic, post and we can talk prices. TRUSTED MEMBERS ONLY, its way too easy to recover these days so if I think you've got nothing to lose scamming me, I'm probably not going to trade, sorry. By the way, if you have an account that's close to my reqs, I may still take it, I have magic and hunter training bots so if its close we can discuss it, thanks!69 Combat G Mauler 1def 99mage 51att 86str 80range 80hp Dt/rfd Extremely Cheap!p>
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