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    {rsgp}rs account sythe/bunny ears{rsgp}Hey sythe im selling my old rs account today. I can not rember the recoveries because they are so old sorry. Pics: Login: Holidays: A/w:70M RSGP Can be changed! Pm me on here or post a comment if u are intersted! Can prove in rs![rsgp] Account Shop! All Types Of Accounts! Always Updated With New Accounts Daily!Whats up everyone. I'm here today looking to get rid of some of my accounts that i don't use! fortunately for everyone here on sythe, ill be getting rid of these account for decent prices. These accounts just sit around and i don't use them at all, so it came to me that i should get rid of them and let other people enjoy them, and help fund my new maxed turm zerker. I AM ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP! Please do not offer me swaps, i do not need more accounts, also please do not offer me paypal, i dont need to deal with getting charged back. If you are interested in an account, please add my with any questions you might have. I will be online most of the day today looking to get rid of these accounts, please feel free to post your offers! ALL ACCOUNTS COME WITH NO RECOVERIES/EMAIL!!!!! [email protected] Account #1: Maxed Main with great skilling stats! Great of PvMing or pking. Account #2: Amazing pro staker with rapier. Also has 1 prayer and summoning, along with 99 hunter and fishing! Easy to make billions with an account like this. Account 3: Pro Gmaul rusher! Great stats that take a lot of time and effort to make. 97 mining, will take 2 days to get 99. Was made in soul wars so it has low hp, making the account stronger then pures his level! Also has most pure quest done, including mith gloves, horror from the deep, and death plateau. Account #4: Rare 9 hp account! The stats pretty much tell it all, this account is rare, and will only become more valuable as time goes on and less and less are left. Account #5: SOLD ON POWERBOT! Account #6: and Bunny Ears account! Level 88 with and Bunny ears, has some decent skilling stats that could be made better with time, this account has the potential for pretty much anything! Account #7: This account is another almost maxed main, another great account for pking and making money PvMing. Bank is pretty much cleaned as the rest of the accounts. [email protected] Level 62 G Mauler! 92 Strength! Mith Gloves! Great Rusher!Whats up everyone, I'm looking to get rid of another one of my pure that i do not use anymore. I mostly high level pk and i am getting rid of this because i just dont use it. The account it currently f2p as its not being used, i am willing to prove the account is mine in game. Please only offer rsgp, im looking to fund a high level turm pure. PLEASE ADD MY IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS! [email protected]'s Account shop - For all your needs l Gp farmers l Skillers l StakerHey guys, I am here trying to sell my accounts I created for GP farming / gaining GP but it didn't work out very well for me so I've came here today to sell most of my accounts i used to gain GP either by RSGP or Paypal. The prices will be bidded unless I see a high enough price is been given for the account, any of topic remarks will be reported as spam. All emails will be removed and all information will be given - Account 1 - Price = NA - - Account 2 - Price = NA - - Account 3 - Price = NA - - Account 4 - Price = NA - Please add my and post a price if interestedselling great rs pures CHEAPP!![paypal]will meet you in game to show account.add me on for details about accounts thanks:) [email protected] account 1 50$ account 2 25$ account 3 25$selling amazing pure!!99RANGE!93STR!hi i am selling my amazing pure. paypal cash only add me on if intrested [email protected] account has no recoverys no email set. no blackmarks no membership. will use a OMMSelling Accounts- Zerkers,Staker,Skiller,Pure,Tanker! PICS INSIDEFew of them have emails but will take off, if you are interested, pm me here or on email - [email protected] IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS BUYER TELL ME WICH ACCOUNT DO YOU WANT TO BUY AND I WILL TAKE THE EMAIL OFF AND TAKE A PIC OF EVERYTHING, TO MAKE SURE ITS MINE AND MAKE SURE ITS SAFE.. I WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE OLD INFORMATION,THAT MEANS, OLD RECOVS,IP,DATE CREATION,EVERYTHING. RSGP/PAYPAL/MEMBERSHIP PINS---------------ONLYS> Lvl 94 /w 70 def & 1391 total for 6M [RSGP]: [email protected] A/W 6M
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