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    Selling range pure make an offerselling decent account need to sell today so will go for cheap no recovs or email registered so i cant recover add me on : [email protected] but make sure you leave a comment saying your Selling a decent Zerker for RSGP!! check it out!!Looking for any serious offers, I'm looking for GP only for my new account, this is 100% my account never botted, did all the work on it, has lunars done, rfd just needs the boss killed, dt done, full zammy book, lots of good stats and quests. SERIOUS offers only please! You pay for OMM or use trusted.starter Zerk!!>> SwapEMAIL/: [email protected] Turmoil Rune Pure [95Prayer, 92Dung,99str,95 Attack] ( 1 2)Heyy this is my RS Account for sale. It has 92 dung with 170k tokens so you can get anthor chaotic very easily, prob 4 hours if that. It has Turmoil and the Ancient curses unlocked with a few other quests done. It also has a cool RS name. If your interested hmu or post here. I have some trust from selling pins. I had 17 pins and sold them all, if you want pics or anything check out my pin shop. Also im looking for RSGp, tired of chargebacks on Paypal. Okay so since i cant sell this and really need to im going to accept low offers but still somewhat resonable. Autowin: 100Mill Settle for 60Mill any offers? sythe/showthread.php?t=1160624 Autowin: 100Mill Settle for 60Mill any offers? Login Details: Prayer Book: Stats: Updated this, its 72 defence, im going to get it 75, see if its good then go to 99 if not! Bank Value, chaotics will be posted soon. UPDATE 99 Attack and 75 defence!!!Brilliant Zerk/Range tank Firecape, 93 Mage 90 RANGE!!Selling this account due to trying to fund my staker. I don't have much time for this games, so I'm staking to sell gp etc. Make a little bit of money, you know how it is. There is no A/W however a good price IMO will be accepted straight away. Here are some screenshots. It's done MM, DT and is fully quested. Although it has addy/barrows gloves. I have every single bit of account information. And the recoveries and email are in the process of being deleted. I'll be more than happy to use an MM or OMM Happy Bidding!Selling Zerk Pure---Cash OnlyI will not go first. Contact me : [email protected] Cash Only offers99 mining 17 defence pure, [cheap][[][/IMG] hello everyone my name is zane, im selling this account due to life reasons, my girlfriend is having a baby, and im in need of money to support them,. im willing to use omm etc, at your expence, i will not be going to first under and circumstances, your no more trusted then i am, my is [email protected] its my only , im taking paypal or rsgp no autowin on account yet, just taking all reasonable offers, bid happly,94 Mage 1 def pure FIRECAPE 80 RANGE!!Finished.
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