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    looking to swap my zerker or handcannon acc for 1def pure :)so i have these accounts and i want a one def i will post pics up later cus im at friends house and i dont know how to printscreen on his comp i know fail haha but is [email protected] you can meet me ingame alsoAmazing Hc/30def/ags Pure [email protected] Basic Info; Here to sell my level 89 Hand Cannon Pure(Hc Pure) It has 153 quest points, fully quested Defence, Could easily be a Zerker. Its done DT/RFD(up to Runite Gloves), Zaniks, all Prayer books filled(Zamorak/Guthix/Saradomin/Bandos/Armadyl/Zaros). Salve amulet, holy wrench, Anchore & ALOT more. Goes hard in pvp and also has a few nice skills. Price; I'm looking for 80m(Rsgp) Or if you have an account you would like to Swap, post Photos/Link. NO MAINS, Sw Prods would be gladdly accepted. Photographs;Trading my initiate pure for 1 def pureOkay sythe, today I'm swapping my 20 defense initiate pure for a 1 defense pure. I am looking for similar combat stats. I WILL POST PICTURES IN , not here Stats: 79 combat 60 attack 86 strength 82 range 52 prayer 94 mage 20 Defense- quested, has rune gloves and barrel chest anchor PICS: s1126.photobucket/albums/...IdfluStats.jpg s1126.photobucket/albums/...IdfluRares.jpg s1126.photobucket/albums/...dfluelogin.jpg s1126.photobucket/albums/...dfluCombat.jpg Notable skills: 86 mining 70 cooking It has some brawlers, and charms for most likely 52 summoning. In return, I am looking for an account similar to mine. It must have 94 magic and 80+ str and range and 1 defense Everything else can be negotiated. ADD MY : [email protected] if you have an account we can swap. I will possibly go first depending on who the swapper is, otherwise we will get a MM. You must provide pics of your account as well.Lv 84 Range zerker/ Void-Veng-Handcannon-Member(really cheap)Hey everyone, im selling this account since i dont even use it Selling for 17M Max 490s with handcannon n void. Koed over 100M+ rushing Combat level: 84 Dragon gloves RFD My email: [email protected] 2 Accounts!Hello guys im wanting to sell my starter range tank and inititate Pure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (20 def is quested on initiate pure) Pic links to range tank! Also on the range tank there is membership to April 11th Links: s1229.photobucket/albums/...wlin69/ilukky/ its the album ^ Recovs and email will be taken off once a buyer is found s1229.photobucket/albums/...awlin69/xstat/ We will use a unless you are willing to go first For the range tank (94 mage) 15m starting bid 20m a/w. for the ini pure 5m start 10m a/w Gl~~~~~~~~~~~~~Swapping Maxed 137 Main For A Good Pro PureHi my fellow sythe memebers CoolKidSon here, Well i am looking for a pro pure due to being bored of my 137 main and now wanting to play as a pure again. So if you are interested add my and we will discuss. My is: [email protected] Requirements- 1. Dessert Treasure Complete 2. Animal Magnetism Complete 3. A balanced pure were its mage/range level isn't way off from its str level. ToS- 1. We use a MM for trade or you go First 2. We must AGREE on MM 3. Scammers PLEASE LEAVE.Buying puresi want to buy 2 pures im looking for range pures 85+range 99 def Or 60 att 80+ str 1 def 94+ mage DT and MM done will consider taking accounts close to thos lvls. paying in RSGP Pm me[RSGP] Selling lv90 Zerker Pure - 70atk|90str|45def|52pray|85mage|79range[RSGP] Selling lv90 Zerker Pure - 70atk|90str|45def|52pray|85mage|79range A/W: 25M+(After a bid over 25M, wait 12 hours, if no other bid over this, you win. This is A/W, does not mean I will not accept less.) We will use OMM if you want, but you pay fees. Post offers or PM me. 90 Zerker Pure
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