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    [RSGP] Level 65 pure w/99 mageSelling my combat level 65 for RSGP and possibly swaps but needing RSGP for my cleaned Boxer, and don't play this account anymore. Stats are: 60 attack 52 strength 2 Defense - BOOOO (doesn't hurt level but if you dont like GTFO or make a higher def account Korials or rune pure or Zerker) 40 Range 31 Prayer 99 Mage DT almost done Lost city done OFFER AWAY GUYS PICTURES COMING UP! Fully Quested Ini-Pure|80 dung,rapier|92str|94mage|RSGP|Attention: NOW HAS ARCANE STREAM ASWELL! Hello sythe. Selling my fully quested ini pure. Has rune gloves + dagon hai quest done, def was fully quested. Comes with 78 dung and all the tokens with it. Only 300k exp until 80. Almost has 80 att which will be ideal for the rapier or maul. Please post email when you offer. Starting bid: 25m A/W: 85-100m (will probably sell lower) Pictures:Selling level 81 barrager and lvl 35 with 99 Con PP/RSGPhey guys ill be selling 2 of my accounts today for RSGP or PayPal. The first account is level 35 and has 99 construction, it also has 41 defence and 43 summoning which will let it be an amazing staker if you put some time into it. here are the pictures. Bank is pretty much worthless and has 0 blackmarks S/B: 30$/45M A/W: 50$/80M Now this account is a real beauty. It is level 81 and has 94 magic and 95 hunter. He can barrage and catch all kinds of imps great account to play on. This account has an almost worthless bank and also is in the greenzone. S/B: 20$/25M A/W: 30$/40MRange Pure. Never loses a stake20m rs cash message me on [email protected] a level 67 POTENTIAL BEAST MAULER. DT, MM done. [99 Mining]I made this account, and you will receive all info on purchase. I currently have a recurring membership off of a visa giftcard on this account which I have lost. The visa giftcard had about 50 dollars left, so this account will have a recurring membership for the next 9 months or so. There is a registered e-mail, which I will remove upon srs buyer. You first or MM. I'm not going first lawl. Also, I don't know how the love you to remove my recovery questions with the new system, so I will just give you the answers with the purchase. The bank is like 1m total so I'm, not even posting a bank pic. On a final note, the zammy book is COMPLETE Please post on this thread of interested., or contact me at [email protected] Cb zerker pure with DT+MM doneLooking for Decent offers, will go first to Trusted only. post below or add my , [email protected] if interrested also have xbox live if you want to post your gamer tag to talk on there skills Offences No Recoveries QuestsLevel 80 pure - [70atk/93str/1def/94mage/DT/P2P/Guthixbook]the guy scammed me got it back thoughLevel 63 Pure [RsGp]I Have a Level 63 pure , not interested in pking/staking anymore i wanna just continue on my main so private message me add me on ([email protected]) or message me over xbox live. Gamertag is: StuhnY Message me ASAP. Thank you.
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