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    [RSGP] Level 131 Maxed Combat - 6 99's - Great Boxer [RSGP]Hello, Selling This Great Boxer/Staker Maxed Combat Level 131 A/W = 60M RSGP [CHEAP!] ADD : [email protected]|=| K0er's Account service - Multiple Accounts for sale / Pures / Skillers / Legit|=|For Any further information regarding the account's PM me on sythe. RSN's will be given over PM only do not ask in thread. [1] Skiller for sale: 99 Cooking / 75 Construction / 50m House / G Altar + Dungeon / 60 herb / 1k+ Total Rune crafting Robes [2] Mains For Sale Level 105 1.4k Total Level 99 1.2k Total [1] Pure For Sale Initiate Pure 87 Combat 25 Defence / Rune Gloves / 94 Mage DT done / 89 Qp's Will Provide Pictures upon request, any further information PM me. I'm new to sythe so it is understandable if you do not trust me, however i am 100% Legit, will provide anything my customers ask for regarding the account they want to purchase. Thanks -K0erAccount selling service GOOD ACCOUNTS > LOW PRICES Skillers/Pures/Mains! for RSGPI have multiple accounts for sale: Level 87 initiate Pure ( 87 Str 88 Range 94 Mage Rune Gloves, Slayer Helm Dt) Level 105 Main/Skiller (60+ In multiple Stats 52 Sum Torso All Defenders 120 Qp) Level 99 Barrows Pure (60 Prayer 89 Strength 75 Attack Torso) Level 67 Skiller (99 Cook - 60 Prayer - 75 Construction - 60 Herb - 1k + Total) I will provide much more information to whom ever is interested in buying one of the above accounts, feel free to PM for any further details. I am the original owner of all the account's and can provide pictures, removie recoveries + e-mail, even meet you ingame. Thanks! -K0er (Pm's are responded to quiker than forum post's)40 Def Pure. 85 Dung. Chaotic Cbow/Stream/ToF/Nat Staff/94 Range Mem LeftSelling my account. [RSGP ONLY] I am the original owner, i have the date of creation, with internet provider, and IP address to used to make it. You will receive all that No recoveries or email has ever been on this acc. Membership left. ends July 6. Ms to reach me at: [email protected] A Pure With A 99 StatI want to buy a pure with a 99 stat.. ONE DEFENSE IS A MUST. I have about 34M to spend.(SWAPPING) for any level account with turmoil or 94+ magic and decent cmb statsI have a level 121 account I want to swap for a lower level account. The account must either have> 94 magic+good combat stats or just turmoil at any level. Link to my account:sythe/showthread.php?p=8939721#post8939721 Additional contact info, follow the thread.|=| SELLING LEVEL 87 INITIATE PURE |=| Rune Gloves / DT + 94 MageLevel 87 Initiate Pure (81+6) For Sale - PM me on sythe for any additional information. Stats: 60 Attack 87 Strength 88 Range 81 Constitution 52 Prayer 52 Summoning 94 Magic 25 Defence 20k Dungeoneering Tokens / 10k Off arcane stream 1368 Total Level ( Includes good skiller stats, most are 70+ ) Fully quested, pk supplies included + Mithril Defender ( Mystic Set's, Ini set's, D Scims/DDS's pots + food) Enough Charms for 60 Summoning Banked Smoking Kills Completed 200 Slayer points (400 points needed for Slayer Helm) 10m bank Starting Price : 15m RSGP , + I am willing to throw in my RsBuddy Account with Idungeon Pro added to it for an extra 5m. username of this account will only be released through Private Messages. Thanks, will upd8 thread if there is anything you want me to add. [EDIT] 23 Days of membership remaining/89 Quest Points{RSGP}{PAYPAL}Selling Level 86 starter Turmoil Pure with a Rare name {PAYPAL}{RSGP} ( 1 2)Hello, I'm selling my starter turmoil pure that has 89 prayer. It has all quests required for ancient curses and only needs 95 prayer to use turmoil. I am accepting paypal or rsgp for it. There isn't an autowin yet. I will not be going first for this trade. The account has a rare name that I could tell if I see that you are interested in buying. If you have any questions feel free to post or ask me on , Thanks!
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