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    67 pure ranger/ ddseri have a lvl 67 with 60 attack 75 str 71 hp 73 range 43 pray 1 def and 55 magic. a very good starter it has a few of the basic quests needed for a pure including monkey madness and has a full zammy book start the bidding. oh and i would prefer rsgp but we can make a dealSelling level 76 Boxer High Hp/Def Cheap :)Hey there! befriend here selling another account this time for only $10 PP/20m Gp. Leave offers here, or Pm me. Thanks for checking it out My only : [email protected][RSGP]Selling maxed 20def pure[RSGP] ( 1 2 3)Selling lvl 101 with summoning 95 f2p, awsome pker, great on-combat skills in a clan great hybrider! 112 Qps! im trying to get rid of this acc becuase im trying to fund my baby turmoil account, auto win not set but i would like well over 100m for it thanks guys happ bidding! A/W: 70m Best Offer: 65m Login: Stats: Quests:Selling a 40 Def pure! [73 Dung + Rapier]Okay before you ask.. This account got a reset so thats exactly the reason im selling it.. Its useless to me because i PK on my main.. Im also taking RSGP only here is some pictures. LOGIN SCREEN: Proof of rapier and RFD rune gloves + r defender: Here is my stats: Hopefully i get a good enough offer Can provide with details to recover also![280+ Vouches][90+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 62 Pure | Ranged 87, Str 71, Def 1 ( 1 2 3)SOLD! For more accounts visit my account shop. ThanksSelling * Rare * R E S E T Turmoil Account! [11 Def / Maul / Rapier / Korasi / 95 Cb]*I am a VIP on R2Pleasent's VIP List* and have been trading with him since 2006 - I will get him to vouch this thread shortly. Hey there guys, I know first thing you're seeing is my post count. I'm very new to forums as I've never sold an account - I've browsed forums since 2005 but never bought or sold anything on Sythe. I am WILLING to use an OFFICIAL OR YOU GO FIRST. I WILL go first if you are HIGHLY trusted. I am accepting RSGP only, as I am an RSGP seller. I'm selling probably the rarest account on Sythe you will find - this account was reset a long long time ago to 10 defence, unfortunately I got 11 by accident but still the lowest level with Turmoil is supposed to be 28 defence. I'm selling this account because I'm now 22 years old and have ZERO time for RuneScape. The account comes with the following: - Chaotic Maul - Chaotic Rapier - Rune Gloves - Korasi Sword - Black Defender - Firecape - Combat Robes - Curses Pictures: Recoveries and email will be deleted upon finding a legitimate buyer for the account. HIGHEST BID: 300$ - Preferably RSGP I'm looking for Email: [email protected] 2 rs accounts(nice stats) and 13m for only 15$ or 1600 microsoft points!!!!!do not move this thread to "selling rs accounts" section, i am selling this for 1600 MSP or 15$, thanks. tittle says it all the rs account ss--- all for only 15$ or a 1600 msp those are A/W!!!!! you go first, or we use a MM[][]~~Unholy Book's Account Shop~~[][] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Unholy Book's Account shop!STATUS:ONLINE! Hey guys, rather than having 4 separate threads for all of these accounts I just decided to put them into one place! Note:I am the ORIGINAL owner of every single one of these accounts! Each account comes with a .txt file with all the account information (Transaction ID's, creation date, ZIP, Previous passwords, etc) If there is an e-mail registered to the account I will provide you with the creation email if applicable, or register an email of your choice! TERMS:I will go first to members I find TRUSTWORTHY otherwise we will use an OMM I am accepting RSGP as my primary payment method but will accept Paypal from more trusted members! Account 5: *Comes with filled Unholy Book *Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness, Recipe for Disaster (addy gloves), and much more! **Has 28 sets of ghostly, and accumulators! Account 1: *Comes with a filled Unholy Book (20M Value) *28 Sets of Ghostly Robes *Accumulators *Desert Treasure, Animal magnitism (main quests) Autowin: 20M Account 2: *Account has multi spaced name (Rare) *Account comes with holiday items (snowglobe, skeleton, grim reaper hood, reindeer hat, etc) *Account is a member! *1200+ total *100+ qp (including: Desert Treasure, Rfd 7/8, Monkey madness and more!) Starting bid: 20M Autowin: ??? Account 3: * ACCOUNT COMES WITH UNHOLY BOOK (20m) * HAS ALL PURE QUESTS DONE (DESERT TREASURE, RFD, MM, HORROR FROM THE DEEP, ANIMAL MAGNETISM, ETC) Autowin: 30M Account 4: Sold to Laxorz >.< my bad mate lol
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