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    Selling pure! [RSGP, PP]Level 39 magic pure with 76 magic and 10hp.Selling fishing pure - rsgp onlySOLD thank you[RSGP] Account Sale! Pro pures! Pro stakers! Maxed Mains and 9 HP! [RSGP]Whats up . Im looking to get rid of a ton of accounts i have laying around. only going to be taking rsgp for the moment until i can get paypal situated. Please add my and if you have any questions. ----------All accounts come recovery question and email free--------- [email protected] Account 1: Maxed main, has turmoil, great for PvM or staking. Account 2: Pro Gmaul rusher/soulwars pure. 99 mining, comes with full zammy book + mith gloves! tons of pure quest done. Account 3: Perfect Rapier Staker. 99 attack, 98 strength (200k from 99). Comes with rapier, 99 fishing and 99 hunter. Great account to make money on quick. Account 4: 9hp account! not much to explain here, pretty damn rare account, all stats are 1 except hp which is 9! Account 5: and Bunny ears account. Another rare account ive had for ages. Account 6: "Almost" maxed main. 200k from 99 hp and 300k from 98 def. could be maxed out in 2 days. Post the account number and your offer, then add me on ! [email protected][Rsgp] Duffy Kings Pure Shop [2007 Member] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)RSGP ONLY! Thank you everyone for the support! Finally been able to prove that i am not a scammer and am going to be opening the shop again soon ! Reset Pure - 35M SOLD TO ANTAIOS Quote: Originally Posted by Antaios VOUCH FOR DUFFY KING! SOLD ME SEXY love you RESET PURE FOR 35M, I WENT FIRST. HAD A BIT OF TROUBLE WITH THE ACCOUNT AT FIRST AND HE HELPED ME GET EVERYTHING SQUARED AWAY, GREAT GUY, GREAT TO TALK TO, SUPER HELPFUL, AND ONE OF THE MOST LEGIT PEOPLE I'VE EVER TRADED WITH! Quote: After the purchasing of every account i sell you will get a PM/Notepad containing information that is guaranteed 100% to instantly pass a recovery test: It will look as follows Some Account have been bought from Gold4Rs, but any i have bought have been 2+ years ago, I will give as much information as i can for these accounts. - They are 100% Safe ======================== [Example]ACCOUNT INFORMATION: [Example] Username: Zezima Current Password: yourname123 Second Password: myname123 First Password: treebeard Email: WILL ALWAYS BE CHANGED TO YOURS AFTER TRADE Recoveries: Red Leask Spain Alana Bundy ======================== MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION Type of Upgrade: Debit Card Date Applied: 06/2009 Post Code: AF53 G64 E-Mail: [email protected] ======================== CREATION INFORMATION Creation ISP: Sky Creation ZIP Code: AF53 G64 Creation Date: March 2004 ======================== ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: House Move: June 2009 Recent/other ISP's: ======================== Quote: ORDER FORM Account N#: Can you meet payment requirements[Y/N]: Do you agree to go first[Y/N]: : Do you agree to the rules stated above[Y/N]: ACC#5 Quote: Originally Posted by fr00by Vouch for duffy king LEGIT. ACC#8 Quote: Originally Posted by ii1i1i Vouche bought an account from Duffy, we used an MM Quote: Originally Posted by JC Day vouch mmed a trade for him, pretty cool guy, legit. =] ACC#9 Quote: Originally Posted by Dylan Gross Vouch for Duffy King! Bought his pure off of him for 20m! LEGIT TRADER ACC#10 Quote: Originally Posted by pr0 fawaz Vouch for Duffy King bought a Summon Tank 12M Legit Trader ACC#13 Quote: Originally Posted by irukandji 69 vouch, legit. Sold me a pure quick and painlessly ACC#15 Quote: Originally Posted by Krisperr Bought an account off Duffy King, very smooth and quick. ACC#18 Quote: Originally Posted by fr00by I bought another account off of duffy king and it went smooth (as usual) Very friendly and a great trader! ACC#19 Quote: Originally Posted by DestroyG4RS bought a account for 70m went first went very smooth legit guy awesome trade :p big vouch for king duffy! ACC#20 Quote: Originally Posted by white_razor0 -:VOUCH:- Purchased a chaotic pure from Duffy, 60M went first.. No troubles easy trade ACC#23 Quote: Originally Posted by HowYouLikeYourEggs great guy bought an account for 25m no problems quick and easy thanks ACC#24 Quote: Originally Posted by Im ToxsiC Vouch for duffy king. Sold me his Zerker Pure for 50m, I went first. ACC#26 Quote: Originally Posted by GoodWeedWag1 vouch for this guy!!! bought his acc 26 for 30m within 3 mins of adding him :p gave all recovery details like asked for thanks bro!! ACC#30 Quote: Originally Posted by Earleyz Vouch for duffy. Bought a summon tank for 15M. Went smooth. Great and easy trade .RSGP-Obby Mauler-45 CBUpdate!! On Sale Today Only!! 9/25/2011-----A/W:15M. I'll let the pictures do the talking. No Swaps Please. =) MM will be used unless the Buyer has plenty of feedback. RSGP offers only please. Has Membership for over 2 more weeks!! Plenty of PKing time. =) Cheers!2 Level 74 miners for sale! (combat level 3).I botted 3 weeks ago with this accounts. They both don't have recovs/email. ACC: A/W: 4$/8M ACC 2: A/W 5$/10M Leave offers/PM me - Please give me your so i can add you.[RSGP] Selling BEAST rolled back hybrid.. 4 def :( [RSGP]Stats : 43 Attack (Was 50.) 74 Strength (Was 81+) 4 Def (Account got scammed and faggot took all my gold and got def up.) 88 Range (Was 95.) 1 Pray (No change l0l.) 92 Magic (Was 99!!!!!! Still has the skill cape in bank.) other noteable stats are like.... 80+ woodcutting etc. This account has an appeal that has been pending for about 3 months now.. Im guessing if the appeal goes through the account will be set back to normal? Rules : I will not go first. I'm willing to use an OMM if you don't deem me trusted enough. ( @ YOUR EXPENSE.) : [email protected][RSGP] Selling Lvl 45 Pure [RSGP]Selling F2P Pure for RSGP. Post below if interested.
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