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    5 with 99 mining and fishing ( 1 2 3)Selling my skiller i have been working on for last half a year or so. Here is login Heres the pic of the stats, all blanked out are 1 Looking for like 40-50M for this account. My is [email protected] price can be negotiated.Awesome Str Pure!! [rsgp] Bargain!!!Selling this STR pure for a cheap price!! ONLY 5M !!!!!!Selling Awesome Skiller!level 25 skilller, can be turned into a 50 def turmoil account. has 3 month membership on it, and 14m wealth which will be taken off the account, either u go first or we have an omm at ur expense.[PP/RSGP]Shelterz Obby Pure Shop![CHEAP][NO SWAPS] ( 1 2)Welcome to my Obby Pure Shop! These accounts use fake, short email addresses which is why they are pending confirmation. They have only one password, never been members, and I will give you all required recovery info. I will only go first to trusted people. I decide whether or not you are "trustworthy". Otherwise, you first or OMM, no exceptions. Do not attempt to scam me, I know the market extremely well and know all the scams, don't waste my time or yours. The following accounts are for sale: Account #1: PRICE: $2 OR 5M Account #2: PRICE: $2 OR 5M Account #3: PRICE: $2 OR 5M Account #4: PRICE: $2 OR 5M Account #5: PRICE: $2.5 OR 6M If interested, please post/pm me your on the thread first, then add my . My is glitched atm : [email protected] Vouches: Quote: Originally Posted by rstrader1471 Thanks, vouch for you too, he went first and was relaxed about the trade. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by PK THE D-J bought the acc for $2..i went first...very smooth trade. thanks alot Quote: Originally Posted by NoThanks VOUCH ~~~~~ Sold me an Obby Mauler Pure ~~~~~ Made Trade super easy! Quote: Originally Posted by doughy Bought 10m , he went first thanks[RSGP] Epic Rune/2h for sale [Swap]I am looking for a quested pure. Stats do not matter to me, I just want some pure quests done.Buying Reset Barrows gloves pure,99agil/farm/mining/bunnyearsBuying All of the stuff at the top if you have the stuff up there ill pay. [email protected] add me we talk through that[rsgp/has member]selling starter obby mauler[rsgp/has member]I am selling an starter obby mauler that has membership just added too it today, the str on this account is still low but I will be getting it too 50 then selling it, unless someone is willing to take it off my hands right now, I find myself to be trusted and I will not be going first, it is up too you if u want to use a OMM I will not be paying fees, post email and I will add you also offer, I am looking for around 12m due to this has membership on it, the login is a email but a really easy one, account has not never had recovery but had email but is now took off the account, pictures below, will not be uploading any bank or ban or mute pictures due too the account was just made and has no mutes or bans, happy offering. Account Info. StatsSwapping lvl 111 barrows pure with c rapier for obby mauler!looking for an obby mauler with 20 - 10 att 70+ str and 1 prayer, i am willnig to swap my main which has a rapier, fighter torso, barrows gloves, crystal bow, full range void and lots off effegies, pics below of my main :// (stats) :// (items) if you have a good obby mauler and want more pm me thanks....
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