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    Selling C Vls Pure High StrengthRSGP/SWAPS and Paypal : [email protected] I am open minded to all offers! The account is combat level 47 with 95 strength and comes with: - Death Plateau quest completed - Active Membership that ends August 22 - ALL recovery information Combat Level: Stats : Login Screen: Black Marks:Swaping 99str pure for -- Rucher or [RSGP]hi im selling my Combat level 93 Pure. His important stats are as follows- Str-99 Att-79 Rng-84 Hp-76 Pry-43 Dung-44 THIS ACCOUNT COMES WITH 30 DAYS RS MEMBERSHIP! he regularly hits 30+ with 2h and 27 with b axe. he can almost get Grav 2h. (would take less than 1 hour) His bank is no cash just gear. 20 scims, 10 2h, arrows, ammys, robes, capes, pots. He also has like 5k swordies so forget ever needing to buy them. I am looking for offers in RSGP to go directly to my starter pure. I would also accept offers of pures. I am particuarly interested in acient pures and range pures. ANY OFFERS WELCOME! Text or call me please! Richard - 447928078947[Buying] ★★ Obby Mauler * RSGP * ` ★★Buying a Obby Mauler for RSGP. The account MUST be 1 attack/defence/mage. The prayer has to be under 31, and range UNDER 70. The reason for this is because I want a low level mauler with enough HP. The account's str HAS TO BE MORE THAN 85. Thank you, add my or post here. New acc with 84-89 rangeLooking for someone extremely trusted, i need an account with 84-89 range, under 35 defence and under 70 (preferably under 65). Should be range based. Can pay either paypal or rsgpBuying Zeal PureLooking for about 3k Zeals, no less than 2500. More the merrier. 1 DEF is a must. me (On my profile)[Name] Buying Good NameI want to buy a good name that's between 4-6 characters (preferably 4 or 5). If anyone has 'Mike', 'Cherk', 'Cup', 'Smithing', 'Smith', 'Magic', 'Mage', or 'Castle' then I would buy it right away. Please post a list of your available names that I might like. You must be trusted.Cb 3 | 99 Wc | 60 Agil | 81 Hunter | 30 Slayer | 20$.Style: Skiller Bank: 100k Combat: 3. A/W $20. I only accept moneybookers or RSGP. (RSGP $0.50/M). Contact details: [email protected] awesome pure47 attk 73 str 1 def 29 pray 66 farm cool name (in the bawlz) has got drag skimm quest done..... we will use mm or u can go first.. i dont want a lot of cash for this pure selling it pretty cheap. so reply or add my make me a offer [email protected]
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