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    [rsgp]200k Dung Tokens Range Pure[rsgp]This is the account I am selling: STARTING BID:5M RSGP A/W:N/A Pm or post any questions You could also post your to have a discussion over that. ThanksBuying any pure paypal...Right so ive recently sold my zerker on here today for 40m rsgp leading me to look for a new pure to build on. Im looking to buy via paypal, i dont go 1st we can do 50-50 i have vouch im legit or we can split the cost of a MM. what im looking for is either a range/str/mage pure or mixed aslong as theyre around 50-60 cmb. preferbly range. preferably for mage/str they have done parts of r4d etc etc . contact me on - banksyt1 or - [email protected] or link pics here. i have around £30 paypal but prefer to spend around £15 ( which is like 20+$ i think ? )★★★Level 3 Skiller★99 Hunter★85 Cooking★55 Slayer★★★[size=14pt]Selling a level 3 skiller. Stats: - 55 Slayer - 85 Cooking - 99 Hunter - Also has membership till 12th September! Looking for payment in: Runescape Gold, Moneybookers, Liberty reserve only. Recoveries/Email will be removed once I get a buyer [/size]Selling Skiller. 99 Firemaking. 90+ FletchingSelling skiller account. Has membership. 99 firemaking. 90+ Fletching. account oppen 3 weeks. selling account for 15m name: getkushSelling Beast Skiller! [4 99's, 99 hunt, Rare Name]Closed.[RSGP] Selling Level 39 WITH 3 99s(Including Prayer) [RSGP] ( 1 2)Title Say's all the account has a 1200+ Total level, has 3 99s, and one 95+. 99s Included: -Cooking -Fletching -Prayer Account is also ranked in "DicingKings" Clan chat(Dicing Clan chat and can handle any amount of bids) - Can have an OMM CHECK. Login: Blackmark History: Stats: PS: Only accept RSGP [OMM can be used at YOUR EXPENCE & Recovery test can be done. I don't know how to remove the recovery question's, so that's why there still set. Account also has membership for about 2 weeks or so. EDIT: ALSO ACCEPTING SWAPS! Must have multiple 99s, and 3 CB. S/B: 50M Current Bid: 50M (Mr Mota) A/W: 250MCHEAP - .::RARE Account Shop::. - CHEAPOLD HOLIDAY ITEMS 4 SALE: Hello , i got alot of accounts that i recovered with 1 password that i havent been on for ages. And many of them can buy Veteran Cape, wich is pretty awesome .. No Autowin, i set a price and it will be sold for that price.! I dont go first, only till trusted persons.. not very trusted but atleast 15+ Vouches.. OMM will be used at your fees, Free OMM is also okay with me. Contact: [email protected] : Pr01337Niko ALL ACCOUNTS THAT CAN GET VETERAN CAPES. Look at holiday items so you can see wich year they are created (if you think im a cheater/scammer). 10M-RSGP ( Veteran - Rubber - Yo-Yo) 5M-RSGP (Veteran - Rune gloves - Holiday hats from 2005) 15M ( Veteran cape - Good stats) 5M ( Veteran Cape - 1.3M in P2P items ) 5M (Veteran Cape - 33x45k in Climbing boots ) 5M ( Veteran Cape - Holiday hats from 2005 ) Random accounts. 10M (2M in member stuff 93 woodcutting ) 5M ( High WC / FM + 3 Letters name ) 10M ( 99 Cooking skiller / 70 Prayer if you wanna go main - 1k Total ) 7M ( Tanker) Pictures of login are pointless wich i could fake them. Email is registred on them all but will be changed till yours. Recovers are not set on any of theese accounts. We can do Recovery test with passwords and OMM at your Fees.[RSGP] Selling 5 Accounts (Stake/Skill)1st: Combat 30 2nd: Combat 28 3rd: Combat 14 4th: Combat 49 Bank: 5th: Combat 49 Bank: PM me if you want to buy one of the accounts...
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