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    max 138 101 dung 99 herb for lvl 3 skillerswaping my max 138 for a good level 3 skiller or prayer skiller. must have 1.2k total at least high mining fishing rcing slayer herby help when serious buyer is found i will give the email registered to the main so it is completly safe now has 91 farm 68 rcing and 101 dung 60k dung tokens[SWAP] Looking for a level 3 Skiller ( 1 2)preferably one with at least 1 decent 99 not a common one such as cooking firemaking fletching firemaking or woodcutting it can have one of them but it must have another one that isnt them. i will be offering this mainLvl38 pure/skiller [F2P] ((nice starter stats))Just an account i spent a little time on when I got bored, nice little f2p account for skiller pking. taking rsgp only. :[email protected] :big-ctrl69lvl 57 pure, Two 99'sHello, i am selling my level 47 pure that has 99 fishing and 99 woodcutting. It also has 82 mage, 40 att and 70 str. Look at pics for other stats and items. (includes the money on the account) I would like at least $50 minimum for this account considering it has two 99's NOT BOTTED and has NO BLACKMARKS. Best offer will win. Also, check out the other account i am selling, level 111. I will not go first, You send half the money, i give you the account, and then you send the rest of the money, and i give you the previous info. Or will we use a middle man.Buying minersIm buying level 3 miners with rune mysteries done I will not pay extra for a higher miner level Im paying: 5 for 100k OR 15k per acc Please post your below if you would like to sell[RSGP] Great 39 cb starter pure [RSGP]Will take rsgp only. Awesome starter pure great if you can't be bothered training a new account up. Offer away! Will change email to yours.[RSGP] LvL 32 obby mauler ( 1 2)I am the only owner of this account. Only had 1 password and I dont own the email address used. RSGP only. Starting bid of 1 mil feel free to make an offer. Never been members. I will go first only if you are trusted other wise you will be going first. Leave a mesage before adding me my is:[email protected]$$$$$ Buying Reset Quested Account $$$$$I am looking to buy an account that was reset so that all the stats are at or around 10. The account must have rfd up to barrows gloves and ancient curses. In addition the account must not have above 10 defense! If the account does not meet these specifications I do not want you to post here. If the account comes with Dung tokens/items, zeal, korasi, summoning, firecape, MA rank, etc. I will pay extra money for it. I ask that you post the account information and then name your price and we can negotiate from there. I am willing to use OMM and want a recov test. I will pay via RSGP/PP/or Mail.
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